Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 2, 2014

Na Mea Ho'okipa

It's an interesting field of work that we are in, one that concerns the paranormal and other worldly activities. Myself, being a teller of ghost stories for these many years, it was only a matter of course that I would fall in to the field of paranormal investigations but with a twist, everyone I worked with had to have some kind of proven psychic ability. Thus, came the formation of The Grant Society. As it is with my evening excursions, so to is it with this group that safety is our number one precaution, care and measure. The safety of the people in my group, whether paranormal is my number one priority.

The ghosts and spirits are already present, that's a given, but if something negative happens on my excursions, be it the misdeed of someone in the group, the result of that action falls on me because I am ultimately responsible. The Kuleana of what I do, is mine and so I am the one who pays for any kind of faux pas. This is why I make sure that prayers of permission and supplication are done before we enter into any great and important undertaking.

I say this because I worry about some tour companies and their tour guides who are fool hardly and careless when it comes to the people on their tour, the people that they are ultimately responsible for. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have heard tour guides mispronounce Hawaiian names and place names to the point where it makes me shake my head. Therefore, you can only imagine my concern when I see tour guides taking their groups into places that have posted obvious warning or kapu signs stating that said state park or trail is closed, or is dangerous, but they ignore the warning and take their group in anyway. Not only are those actions stupid but they are also disrespectful and arrogant. Case and point, the tour company on Hawai'i island who were accessing the Kaohe Homestead neighborhood in order to get a closer look at the lava flow. The tour company who will remain nameless, did so without permits,  yes, there are tons of other tour companies who are illegally doing tours like this as well but one has to take all measures to make sure that,

1) Safety first. Your people on your excursion and their overall safety are #1

2) You are allowed to go that location by permit or by agreement with the owners of said place.

3)That you respect the location you are going to without leaving any rubbish behind and adhering to all ground rules that your guide has shared.
For those of us who have grown up here in Hawai'i, especially on Hawai'i island, we know that for as much as Vulcanologists and others have always put forth their best effort to predict the flow of lava, Pele herself has always had her own mind and the lava flow has always changed course time and time again, thereby surprising everyone and establishing the fact that nature is unpredictable. Because of this, we owe Pele and other Akua like her who still exist, respect. There is no amount of money, or a tip or a favorable Yelp review that will do anyone's tour company any good if someone gets hurt really badly, or worse.
You are the mea ho'okipa, and you are ultimately responsible.

4) Safety first. NEVER, NEVER put your people in a dangerous situation, if it's driving or walking.

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