Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Aug 5, 2016

100 Ghost Stories Counting To Halloween! 86 Nights Left! "Hawaiian blood feud"

Hawaiian bloodlines run deep, so do Hawaiian blood feuds.

The fishing at bamboo ridge was scarce for the past month and the water remained rough and dangerous for the same length of time. The lack of fish left Samuel Kalama no choice but to venture to the west side of ‘O’ahu where the fish were plentiful as it got closer to the full moon. In less than an hour he found himself at Nanaue beach where he stood on the reef and cast his line out. The sun was a half hour away from setting when Samuel noticed that the air suddenly went still; there was no physical evidence that something was wrong but he couldn’t shake the feeling that something ominous was afoot.

He was right.

From the sand dune just above the shoreline came a cadre’ of Hawaiin warriors armed with spears and other weapons. They were entirely transparent as they walked through the high grass and Kiawe trees; they made a beeline for Samuel. Immediately, he ran out to the reef to retrieve his pole and fishing gear but the warriors cut him off. Two of the warriors punched him in the back of his head while a third grabbed a handful of his hair and dragged Samuel toward the precipice of the jagged reef. The rest stood and watched as Samuel’s body was cast into the ocean. The ruff waters churned Samuel around and slammed him time and time again up against the sharp rocks until he was finally able pull himself back up to the flat part of the reef. He was exhausted and weak and had no strength left.

The Hawaiian warriors surrounded him and each took turns kicking him before they finally disappeared. Samuel couldn’t understand why these ghostly soldiers chose to assault him when it wasn’t even Po Kane, or the night of the Night Marchers. However, these were not night marchers. These were the ghosts of the ancient enemies of Samuel’s family who still held a grudge from long ago. As far as the ghosts of those warriors were concerned, those fishing grounds still belonged to them and any descendant of the Kalama family was still regarded as an enemy.

Art Work by Herb Kawainui Kāne


  1. Some places we are just not meant to be at...

  2. Some places we are just not meant to be at...

  3. There are certain places I cannot go, to gather foliage for lei making. because it is Kapu! Trust me I don't.