Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Jul 28, 2016

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down to Halloween! 94 Nights Left! "Worst Nightmare"

My nightmare is that I am doing a ghost tour for the dead but it’s not a ghost tour. It’s a people tour about the living and it’s customers are the dead. Why am I the storyteller for this particular excursion? Shouldn’t the guide be one of their own who no longer holds a corporeal form? Be that as it may, we visit state buildings and city hall. As the tour continues on and I merely state historical dates and facts, the group who are no longer of the flesh begin to shed tears. Out of fear I inquire of them if I had said stated something offensive or hurtful? They assure me that all is well and that the fault is not mine; they state that they are broken knowing that the people who work in some of those offices never really live their life.

“What we wouldn’t give to live a full life once more,” they say in unison.

By then the tour is over and I have urged the gray complexioned group back to the bus where they already await my presence. The look on their faces are that of beggars in need of food; they rise from their seats and crowd around me and before I know it they have taken possession of my body. In the nightmare I find myself on my own ghost tour somewhere on the grounds of the palace but I realize that it is not my voice that shares these ghost stories. It is the ghost of each person who works through me to tell their own tragic tale. Imagine that, a storyteller whose specific talent involves the tales of spirits and specters who becomes possessed by the very content of the stories he shares. Talk about the storyteller literally becoming the story.

The question is, did I wake or am I still in the dream?

100 haunted stories, counting down to Halloween... 94 nights left!

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