Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Dec 17, 2016

" Hei "

All she wanted was a cup coffee and a moment to relax. The ambient noise in the coffee house did not bother her in the least, rather it seemed to help focus her resolve even more. She consumed the hot cup of steaming Joe in one gulp while still standing at the counter. She ordered a second round and walked it to the table where she would eventually sit. Never mind that there are people already sitting there but for some reason they leave and let her have her caffeinated space. She holds the hot cup in both hands while closing her eyes and takes a breath. The addiction is all consuming and it washes over her like a deep orgasm which takes on a mind of its own, she’s almost unable to control the shaking and the gasps of pleasure which are derived from the core of the java beans, but she brings it in. She’s back in control, or so the coffee lets her think she is.

“Ah yes,” she whispers to herself. “I will find you, Juan Valdez.”

Her moment of latte clarity is interrupted by an unwelcomed patron who takes a seat at her table without permission.

“I was watching you,” he speaks in a low tone. “If I’m not mistaken, you just came in your pants? I thought that was hot, I mean really hot! I got a big spacious GMC Denali in the parking lot. Maybe I can help you with another orgasm? Whaddaya say?” He winks.

“You haven’t even told me your name?” She asks.

“Mark Ferris, I own Jubilee Entertainment. Maybe you’ve heard of me?” He smiled.

“Oh yes,” she replies with overexaggerated affectation.  “The famous Mark Ferris.”

She has something in her hand which he can’t see and she places the object into his shirt pocket.

“What’s this?” He asks.

“Protection,” she smiles.

“Oh! I like that! Yeah, very smart!” He nods his head. “I never got your name?”

“Pele,” she replies.

She snaps her fingers and in an instant, the contents of Mark’s pocket bursts into flames and sets his shirt on fire. The material is polyester and it melts into his skin. He jumps up and down howling and shrieking pain while panicked patrons watch in horror. The cashier rushes over with a fire extinguisher and puts the flame out, but it’s too late. Mark Ferris has been burnt beyond recognition. No one can tell what caused the man to burn to a crisp for no reason at all. The manager spies the Hawaiian woman sitting off to the side and inquires of her if she has seen anything.

“I’m just trying to enjoy my coffee in peace, that’s all.”


What were the contents of the small packet that she put into Mark's shirt pocket?
Lava rocks, tiny lava rocks.

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