Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Feb 27, 2017


By and large, everyday people who have had no real experience or encounters with the otherworldly, find themselves up in arms when faced with something from the realm of the unexplainable. That's where I and my team come in to help these people to help themselves, in other cases, I encounter people who are suffering from real life problems that they don't know how to deal with. Case and point, a person called to say that a dark and evil energy in his household had taken possession of his wife and was now causing her to act in a manner that was contrary to her normal personality. He explained that he had employed the services of different kinds of healers and kahuna, but nothing worked. It turned out that each one had nearly exhausted this man's personal bank account as the fee for their services was astronomical, but each time, no real remedy could be found.
When this gentleman finally got a hold of me and told me the same story that he'd told the previous four people, I simply asked him if his wife traveled often? He said yes, once a month for a period of two weeks his wife flew to California to spend time with her personal guru for a one on one spiritual training at the Ashram, these are his words, not mine. I then asked if he'd shared this small bit of information with the other healers and kahuna? He said no, it never came to mind because they never asked.

"Two weeks once a month at the Ashram?" I asked.

"Yes," he confirmed.

"Where she receives one on one training?" I asked.

"Yes," he replied.

"Sir," I began. "Your wife is having an affair, and I think you know that, but rather than acknowledging her infidelity as the real problem, you've chosen to believe that your wife is possessed by an evil spirit which occupies this house?"

"But no," he answered. "Her personality changed drastically!" He insisted.

"You're not seeing a change in her personality sir, you're seeing her true character," I confirmed.

It was all he could take, he broke down crying right there and then.

"Everything in this house, I built for her with my own two hands!" He sobbed. "I don't understand how this happened?"

I just listened as he poured his heart out, once he was done he removed a wad of money from his wallet and went to hand it to me, but I didn't take it. With me on that fateful day was my hanai brother Paul Smith, who is a psychic medium. His impressions and counsel helped the man greatly, and I believe that we left him with a modicum of hope when we drove away.
Not everything is something, the wind in your house with no origin is not a ghost, one of the windows is probably open. The sudden creaking in your house is more than likely the house itself settling in, it's the same with flickering lightbulbs, maybe they're not screwed in all the way.
If you've got real life problems in your real life, acknowledge it as such, do not attach supernatural reasons to your real life problems because you cannot face the fact that you might have to be responsible for your everyday life problems.

Not everything is something.

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