Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Nov 29, 2017



It was a moment where the attraction was instantaneous, they both knew it, they could smell it on one another, the only problem was time. The two were busy with projects which their boss seemed to purposely pile on the both of them so that they might be separated and not even have a moment to talk in the break room or at the water cooler.
After a few painful months, he finally took the two-second opportunity to meet her after work. She agreed, and she inquired as to the place, she found out from him that it was Makua beach, a little private out of the way cove where hardly anyone goes.

"It's a special place," he told her.

So as not to raise suspicion, they both went in their own cars and met at the 7-11 in Nanakuli, where she would follow him the rest of the way. Finally, they pulled over into a parking lot just across the street from the cave; they went in the opposite direction where she followed him down an old footpath that led to the private cove. Near the reef was a natural enclosure where no one would be able to discover them even if they tried, he removed his coat and placed it on the sand. Before they both took their clothing, she happened to notice several men standing on the reef wearing nothing but malo. She made mention of this to him, but when he looked in the direction where she had seen the men, they were gone. However, he glanced up toward the bottom of the sand dune and saw a small group of men standing there as well, also wearing malo.

"Are those the guys you saw?" He asked her.

But when she looked in the direction which he had indicated, the men were gone. Taking a moment to gaze into each other's eyes, they kissed slowly and deeply and were soon naked and lying on his coat. The passion was so overwhelming that it made the two of them dizzy, but it was worth the effect; he found her without any trouble. Caught up in the throes of lust, he propped himself up now so that he might enter her by removing himself completely but slowly putting himself back in again and again but without any hurry. Her moans were deep and only served to heighten his senses and what she wanted; she however could not hold back her first orgasm and reached out to grab something, anything. As her hand lay flat on the sand, she was about to dig her fingers into it once the first wave of pleasure took over, but something came up from the sand and locked fingers with hers. It was only then that she saw both of his hands rested on the sand on either side of her. Whose hand was holding hers? From his perspective, he could feel her hands on his shoulders, but something had just grabbed both of his buttocks and were now spreading them apart. Simultaneously, as the one hand grabbed hers, he saw that it was the hand of a skeleton with old bits of flesh on it. He let out a horrific scream and finished inside her, she screamed too once she saw the skeletal hand holding on to her, but she had no clue that the reason he cried was that one of those skeletal hands jammed two elongated bony fingers into his rectum. The two jumped up and gathered their clothing howling in horror while several skeletal figures began to rise up out of the sand, each one heading straight toward them. They fumbled about at first, nearly running one another over while at the same time the skeletons who began to number in the tens and twenties hurled sharp stones at them, hitting their mark every time. The rocks struck the couple with a sickening thud as the two fled for their very existence. They had no clue that the place where they tried to express their lust was a place where the bones of ancient Hawaiians were buried in the sands of that private cove. The bones of those people were there so that they might be prepared for an 'Unihipili ceremony where they would be deified into Aumakua on the night of Kane. It just so happened to be the very same night where the couple decided to meet and consummate their desires, but without success.

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