Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Sep 13, 2019

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2019 #50


Dealing with evil is not always a matter of being a heroic paranormal investigator or a clergy person who specializes in demonology and exorcisms. Evil doesn't necessarily show itself on a grandiose scale and neither does it parade itself about, daring even the holiest of men to cast it out if they can. Evil can be found in the school teacher who sees his student being bullied but does nothing about it. Evil can be found in the pharmacist who purposely ups the dosage to a patient thereby endearing death to partake of his bounty. Evil lurks within the grocery store clerk - no one knows he beats his elder mother and takes her social security checks.
Evil dwells within the hairstylist who once served as an interrogator for the Serbian forces in 1995. Her methods of torture were exquisite, most especially the insertion of long thin needles between the muscle fibers and the bone. Escaping persecution for crimes against humanity, she found her way into a little hair salon in Makiki. She enjoys applying the handheld blow dryer close to the scalp with the heat on high. It's the smell of the flesh and hair follicles becoming nearly bubbly hot that awakes an unusual kind of perversion within her. But more than the evil born from the fetid, twisted, unchecked, desires of human nature, is actual evil itself. The dark evil, the demonic evil; the evil that lives within your thoughts while you are wide awake, the evil that cinematic images can never match. THAT evil.


Rarely, does a paranormal investigator come across a case where the location he or she has been asked to peruse is not just haunted, but genuinely evil. Other than that, investigations are routine for the most part while the larger majority of the time is wasted by other team members extolling their alleged expertise in the field rather than doing the actual science and research required. There was a house way up in the upper reaches of Makakilo that went through several owners and had been blessed by holy men from different denominations. Nothing seemed to work. So, a fairly new team whose leader was from Maui asked if I would accompany them on their investigation of the alleged haunted house. I agreed to help but for the most part, I curious to see how this team did their work. Needless to say, when I took that left turn off the main drive and rounded the first left turn after, I nearly turned around and went back home. I absolutely did not like the house. It didn't look evil or malevolent, in fact, it looked like the Brady Bunch house, but with bad juju radiating off of it. Something told me to advise the team from afar, and let me tell you, I never ignore that 'something' when it tries to tell me 'something.'

The team armed themselves with every piece of tech they had and then went rushing headlong in the haunted home. I managed to stop them long enough to give them one very small piece of advice.

"Oh, we wen forget to pray right?" The team leader asked.

"No," I laughed. "I just have a really bad feeling that whatever it is that's in that house, it's cognizant."

"What is that?" The team leader asked curiously.

"It's aware," I replied. "Do yourselves a favor, don't call each other by your names. In fact, don't even speak at all. If you can help it, use hand signals but don't talk."

The team leader looked at me like I was stupid. He shook his head and laughed and he and his team disappeared into the house. They weren't in there for more than forty minutes when they suddenly came spilling out of the domicile, practically running over one another. Their screams didn't start until they got close to their vehicles. By that time, they had their hands over their ears as if some unseen person was screaming into it. "Noooooooooooooo....!!!!"


I was right, it waited. It waited for a team like that one which was overconfident and over sure of their abilities. It waited for a leader like the one who headed that team, one who was arrogant enough to believe that his own ideology was greater than what dwelled in that house. As the team addressed one another by their names, the evil in the house used that against them and began to whisper not only their own names in their ears but also the deep dark secrets that each team member did not want to face. The evil called them with a deep sickening voice from within their own bodies until it drove them mad and caused them to run from the house. I don't see them around anymore, but I know for certain that they have not been the same people since. Recognizing evil and having evil recognize you is one thing, but for evil to know you by your name?

Brother, just consider yourself fucked.

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