Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Apr 16, 2020

"For The Love Of Money"

The former housekeeper from a Waikiki hotel sat alone in her bedroom, surrounded with garlic, salt, and several rosaries and crucifix.

The Mililani resident was a transplant from Olongapo in the Philippines; she had agreed to an arranged marriage to a military contract worker in Honolulu only because she owed money to the local loan shark. Once she arrived at the islands and the wedding was legal, she filed for divorce shortly after that and moved out on her own. She was soon hired as a housekeeper at a Waikiki hotel, where she took advantage of guests who left their personal belongings in their rooms. It was like being a child in a candy store.

One day a young Hawaiian man checked into the hotel and paid for a three-day stay. He had no luggage but only came with the clothes on his back, posting the "Do Not Disturb" sign on his door, he sat on the lanai for two days straight. On the third day, the woman saw that the sign on the door was gone, and after knocking a few times, she entered the room and found it empty. She went about her cleaning routine until she noticed a pair of car keys and a wallet on the bed, with no sign of the young Hawaiian man anywhere, the housekeeper helped herself to a few dollars. Taking the entire stack of money would be much too obvious. What the housekeeper didn't know was that a few minutes before she arrived, the young Hawaiian man had already jumped to his death. His body ended up being wedged between a newspaper vending machine and a hedge. No one found him until the delivery truck driver from the advertiser noticed the horrible smell.

A month later when the housekeeper arrived one afternoon to clean out the same room, she was paralyzed with fear when she saw the ghost of the young Hawaiian man standing near the bed,

"I want my money," he said.

The older housekeepers would find the woman in the room sprawled out on the floor, she'd fainted. The following day she quit her job, but the hauntings did not stop; the ghost of the young Hawaiian man followed her everywhere she went. At home, on the bus, to church, at the market, and even to the Tagalog club.

"I want my money."

Finally, she resorted to locking herself in her room and protecting herself with various religious charms so that the young Hawaiian man's ghost could not enter her personal space. That's when the phone calls came at precisely 11:53am.

"Hello?" She'd answer.

"I want my money," the voice demanded.

Now the former housekeeper became manic and could not sleep nor eat; out of desperation, one day, she called the Tagalog club and asked for the help of an "Abularyo," a faith healer or witch doctor.

She was given a number to call, and in a short while, a knock was heard at the woman's front door. It turned out to be a younger female who was dressed more like a real estate agent than a healing medicine person.

"There's a ghost that is after you?" the younger woman asked.

"Yes," the former housekeeper confirmed.

"I can do nothing to help you," the Abularyo said, " the ghost of this young Hawaiian man is attached to you."

"Attached to me?" The former housekeeper asked, "Why?"

"As you told me over the phone, this man who occupied the room that you cleaned had jumped to his death before you entered that space,, I am right?" The Abularyo asked.

"Yes," the woman responded.

"Is that all that happened?" The healer inquired.

" Yes, that's all," the woman answered.

"If that was really all," the healer began, "this ghost would not be attached to you. I don't think you're telling me everything." the Abularyo was very pointed.

The woman relented and confessed to her thievery of the dead man's money.

"Do you still have that money with you?"


"That is why this ghost follows you, his wallet, and his money, and everything in it was something that he touched or was on his person every day. A part of him is a part of his wallet, and once you stole his money, you took that part of him home. He can't move on, that's why he wants his money." The Abularyo told her.

"What do I do then?" The woman asked.

The answer was simple, she had to leave the safety of her room and give the ghost his money back. Feeling that she had nothing left to lose, the woman eagerly went and saw the spirit of the young Hawaiian man standing in her hallway. However, the former housekeeper handed the ghost his money before the Abularyo could finish what she was saying. It was too late, instead of accepting the money, the spirit took possession of the woman's body and made her run down the embankment just outside of her house. She ran into the middle of the busy freeway. She ran wildly on the open lanes daring cars to hit her; finally, her wish came true. A huge Rolloff garbage truck came barreling down the road at top speed. It hit her head on and obliterated her, a second before the impact, however, the ghost of the young Hawaiian man left the body of the former housekeeper just in time so that she could enjoy the full painful experience of her own death.

What the Abularyo failed to tell the woman is that she had never dealt with a Hawaiian ghost before and that simply giving the money back might not work.

Apparently, it didn't.

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