Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Aug 8, 2020

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2020 #84

 Some cases are frustrating and confusing and very hard to understand. Take, for instance, the single thirty-year-old female professor from U.H. who bought a house in Kapolei. She was quiet and kept to herself; at the most, she was cordial to her neighbors but did not make the extra effort to socialize. She occupied her home for less than a year until one quiet Sunday afternoon, one of the neighbors saw her body hanging from the branch of a tree in her backyard.

The authorities came and removed her from the tree, and it seemed that no one came to show an interest in the house for quite a while after. In the meantime, all the neighbors who lived on the block would report a strange knock on their door that would not stop until someone answered. When they did, they would find a pair of red-colored flats placed neatly on the front of the doorstep. They were sized for someone petite, but since no one knew who the red flats belonged to and most of the people who lived on that street were superstitious, they got rid of the flats and put in the garbage for pick up. However, the knocking on each door would continue, and in every instance when someone answered, they would find the red flats on their doorstep. The word about the unusual activity then spread one block over. Everyone one on the next block who heard the strange knock would turn the volume up on their T.V. and ignore the rapping on their front door. To everyone's horror, they would find the pair of red flats on their back steps and sometimes at the foot of their garage door. Not every home had a pair of red flats that appeared simultaneously but individually as if it's the owner would choose specific homes to leave their personal footwear. People in the area began to sprinkle blessed salt around the parameter of their homes, but the activity did not stop.

One household called a Filipino Albularyo or a witch doctor or healer in regards to the pair of red flats appearing more frequently on their own front doorstep. When the Albularyo arrived at the home of the anonymous Filipino family, it was said that the knocking on the door of the house took place immediately. The old Filipina answered the front door herself and saw the pair of red footwear on the front steps of the family's home. She closed the door quickly and gathered the family in the kitchen and began to tell them that the red colored flats were the last thing worn by a woman who hung herself to death on the very same street where the family lived. But that the flats did not belong to her, it belonged to another woman who took them off before she jumped to her death from the old manager's drive overpass in Waipahu. That woman who jumped to her death was a real estate agent who found the very same red flats in a condominium which she was showing to a client. That condominium happened to be the Contessa on old Wai'alae Avenue. The Albularyo lamented that the curse of the red flats goes so far back that she could not rightly identify the original owner. The best the family could do was to ignore it until it went away, for anyone woman who put on the red flats would surely take her own life.

I can't tell you the exact location of the home in Kapolei, but I can tell you that it's in an area where a lot of tragic car accidents have happened as of late.

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