Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Nov 8, 2022

Maha'oi 2022

“I don’t even know if get fish in Manoa falls; I was the only one here this morning right at sunrise.

Since nobody was around, I figured I could take my clothes off quickly and stand under the falls. It was so cold but was really refreshing and invigorating, kinda wakes you up. After I was done and I went to get my clothes, he was standing there with his tackle box and fishing pole. I think he stepped on my clothes accidentally, which is maybe why he was looking down at them. I figured, why cover up, right? He could see me already so I asked him if he could give me my clothes? He did, of course, but he was really a shame, you could tell. He said sorry, and he gave me my clothes, and I left. I never saw him after that.” The Hawaiian woman said.

“You say you never saw him after that, and yet you’re the one who found his body,” the detective asked. “That’s conflicting information.”

“I said he gave me my clothes but not my shoes; I came back to get my shoes,” the Hawaiian woman replied.

“So, you walked off naked, holding on to your clothes, and obviously, you’re barefoot; when did you notice that your shoes were missing?” The detective was pressing now.

 The Hawaiian woman gave the detective her best resting bitch face, “When I found a place where I could put my clothes on,”

“You just said earlier that you didn’t attempt to hide that you were standing there with no clothes on because the victim had just seen you naked. I mean, since you were so casual about the whole thing, why didn’t you just get dressed in front of him?” The detective was nearly shouting his inquiry. The Hawaiian woman removed her shirt and shorts and stepped out of her shoes. The detective was taken aback at how charming she was. Her face was already perfect, but her body was the complete punctuation that brought the sentence to life.

“Because, fuck you, that’s why,” she replied.

She surprised the two-hundred-and-forty-pound detective by picking him up over her head and tossing him into the pond. She dove in right after him and disappeared under the dark waters. It wasn’t until later that morning when Josh Kreager and his family, who were visiting from a small town in Iowa, came across the bodies of the fisherman and the detective floating in the pond. Both would be found fully clothed with car keys, wallets, and cell phones in their pockets. Their lips were swollen over black; their eyes were wide open, and there appeared to be some thick black liquid dripping from their mouths. Under their fingernails was dull dark moss; their shoes were gone, but deep, bruised finger marks were just around the bottom of their ankles.

It was the Kreager family’s first day in the land of aloha, and they spent the first twenty minutes of it screaming in horror.

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