Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Jan 1, 2023

Serah Wong 2022

 ...continued from yesterday

There was no time to do her hair or make-up or to dress nicely. So instead, she threw on a pair of jeans, a sweatshirt, and a jacket. She wore her walking shoes and wristwatch from her father. She hid her lucky scalpel wrapped in tissue paper in her jacket pocket. Boy was dead, of course, and his family's prayers were obviously fruitless because his spirit never re-animated into his body. Instead, the spirit he'd intended to capture took possession of her body and mind and corrupted it. Now, even if Boy was nothing but a corpse, she had every intention of taking her scalpel and making his corporeal form uninhabitable for his spirit to return to. Parking in the gravel parking lot, Serah walked around to the front, where she met Kealoha, who guarded the entrance to the birdcage elevator. 

"Aloha, Dr. Wong, please go right up," Kealoha opened the elevator for her and sent her to the second floor. 

Everything about the hallway to the office door was decorated with scented ferns and flowers, along with nostalgic pictures and lithographs of old Hawai'i. It nearly made Serah forget her purpose. It almost cleared her from the madness that had infected her for the past few days. When she stood before the office door and knocked on it, dizziness overcame her, and she was close to fainting when Rita pulled back the portal. Rita grabbed her just in time and helped her sit in front of Boy's desk. Once she got her bearings and looked around the office, she gave a yelp of surprise when she saw Boy sitting across from her. Ivan and Tiny sat nearby with Tabby and Rita on the couch. Stunned at the sight of Boy living and breathing rather than being attached to a monitor on the oversized leather couch where she last left him, Serah had to ask, "How are you alive?"

"The spirit I told you about, his name is Neil David. He raped Tabby when she was eight years old. He was caught and sent to prison, and it was there that he was brutally murdered, but somehow his spirit survived, and it's been chasing Tabby and our family ever since," Boy explained.

"That still doesn't explain how you're alive," Serah said.

"That was information I had to tell you," Boy nodded. "To plant into your brain because every one of us in one form or another has been harassed by the spirit of Neil David except you. I knew that he would try to possess you but that the possession would not take for long because, at your core Serah, you're a good person. Your goodness rejected his evil spirit and literally threw it up. What we didn't plan for was the clerk from the 7-11 next door, but it worked out; we were able to help her,"

"So, you were never dead after all the pentobarbital I put in your system?" Serah was still confused.

"I was dead, but my spirit was here the whole time," Boy said. "I also had to make my family believe we were doing a kupaku ceremony but only a part of it. I had to be here when Neil David showed up; Tabby sensed him right off, and that's when he possessed you. As I said, the goodness of your soul made you go outside and spit him up. When he came back up here in that other girl's body, we got a hold of him, and now his spirit is in a place that it will never escape from,"

"You used me, and you let that thing infest me, and you let it corrupt my mind with visions of every awful thing it ever did," Serah was seething. "You get it out of me right now, do you understand? Get it out, or else I'm going to kill myself!" She removed the scalpel from her jacket pocket and stuck it to her throat. Ivan lunged forward to stop Serah, which was the moment she had planned for. Grabbing Ivan by the wrist, she used his weight against him and twisted him to the floor. Now with the scalpel mere inches from Ivan's eye, Serah growled at Boy, "Get this out of me, or I'll scoop his eyes out of his skull. Believe me, I'm good at it; I've had practice," be continued on July 23rd, 2023, for 100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween.

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