Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Sep 25, 2023

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2023. #65 Door.

They were tearing down the last of the old warehouses in Kaka'ako.

One that hadn't been gentrified, no matter how many gentrified structures around it came up, and no matter how much Kaka'ako began to slowly lose what made it what it was, the one old warehouse was the hold out until it couldn't hold out anymore. The last beer-bust rave filled the space the night before, and the following morning, the old warehouse was a ghost town. On the opposite end of the warehouse were two doors. One blue and one red. The blue door had a note taped on it that said, "Through this door of blue, without reprisal, slap you can those who vexed you,"

Immediately, I stepped through the blue door and slapped everyone who vexed me. From my boyhood arch-enemy, Freddy Cordero, to the obnoxious college kid at the coffee shop who gave me attitude for putting my change back in my wallet. Everyone got a slap. When I exited the blue door, I stepped through the red door out of curiosity and was immediately upon entering the other side, I was slapped by Gina, the woman who works one cubicle away from me. 

"This for burping out loud, not greasing your squeaky chair, and for parking over the line in the employee parking lot, and wearing your gut-damned Raiders shirt to work, you piece of mutherfucking shit!"

Behind her stood a long line of people rubbing their hands together, awaiting their turn to slap me. Shit. I turned to exit the red door, and a note was pinned to it.

"Receive all the slaps you must; this word you can trust. Otherwise, you will never leave," the door was locked. It wouldn't open.


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