Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Aug 21, 2017

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2017! #72

Personal Tours

Private ghost tours are the ones that have helped me gain a favorable reputation because it’s a smaller more intimate atmosphere and there’s a lot more than can be done as opposed to having a group of sixty people or more. There is also a potential for a lot more things to happen because some of the people who become a part of a private tour are also psychic to some degree whether they realize it or don’t. In either case, whatever it is that’s in the environment or floating about
in the ether will recognize the person with said psychic ability and attempt to communicate with them. More often than not it’s through the medium of physical touch and then through an audient communication. The last method is through a telepathically influenced photograph on a digital camera or a cell phone. The latter is what occurred when I hosted a nice couple from down under who through the course of the evening excursion took several photographs at each location. When we arrived at the first location I immediately felt as if I were in a hyper barrack chamber where all communication with the outside world was suddenly gone and that there was nothing but claustrophobic darkness all around us. As I write this, I can honestly tell you that I do not even recall ever having done that ghost tour on that particular night, the only proof I have that it ever happened was because of the photographs which were submitted to me by the woman who attended said tour with her husband. One specific pic stands out the most because it was taken at the same time that I felt as if some unseen force had released me from its mental confinement. Seeing the photograph humbled me but it also gave me proof that our ancestors are constantly with us, constantly standing just on the other side of the veil. They were passing through as their own ancestors passed through from time immemorial, proceeding to the point out at the ocean where they were going to Malama their ‘aumakua even though they were no longer of the flesh. I saw them as plain as day but I said nothing to the couple on the tour for fear that I would scare them or that they would think I was a hack and demand their money back.

There was the old musky odor of something dead but there was also Kanikau, the wailing dirge chants which were given for loved ones who had passed. The voices wailed and cried as if death himself was afoot and would not relent until he took the one for which he came. I could see them all clearly from head to toe, each one. They could have been my own family were it not for their spectral forms, they were beautiful, regal and very much filled with a sense of Kapu. As they broke off in different directions they each vanished into thin air and we were left with a potent sense of awe and deep reverence. Off in the distance, just beyond the beam of my flashlight, a massive shark surfaced with its mouth wide open as if someone or something was feeding it. A second shark surfaced and did the same thing and it too appeared to be fed by an invisible force, by the time I had thought to mention this to the couple, the entire tableau was gone and we were left in the dark in a very sacred place surrounded by crack heads, alcoholics, and the homeless. Our ghostly comrades were gone and not a trace of them remained except for the picture which you see above, it's proof that for a brief moment the black kapa was moved aside and that both the living and the dead were able to walk side by side by side.

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