Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Aug 26, 2017

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2017! #67


This wasn’t a contract but I was pissed as shit, sure they fucked with my peace of mind but it’s the way they went about it that brings us to this point in the story. They live across the street from me and they’re noisy, they have domestics, they smoke weed and crack and the smell invades my study when I’m trying to work but I let it go, because in my line of work you get found out if you get involved.
This, however, was very different. At first, I thought I should be creative and use brass knuckles, but for fuck ass scumbags like these guys you can’t just beat their asses and walk away because they will come back at some point and retaliate. You have to get rid of them, that’s just how it is.

My Kel-Tech P11 is my best option because there’s only five of these idiots across the street and I got ten black talon bullets in the clip. It’s their lucky night, they get two each. Corey, the shortest of the group has got the biggest mouth with the most to prove. I’ll save him for last because I want him to piss and shit himself when he realizes what’s happened to his crack head friends. They’re lucid for now because they’re just coming down from their three or four day high. They’re gonna Jones again soon, so it’s lucky that I get them while they’re somewhat clear minded. The two ladies will go first, then their boyfriends and Corey last.


Sally, the neighbor from across the street was always a tough lady which is why I respected her so much, she’d been through a lot of crap in her life but she survived it all. Her husband was a sometime guest here and there, but her main problem was her nephew who for three years was a constant pain in her ass. He would speed up and down the street in his truck when he was high and was just a general nuisance, but as his drug addiction got worse, so did his fits of rage and debauchery. He’d show up in her garage and invite his friends over where they would start fights with the neighbors or steal things from Sally’s house and sell it. She always called the cops and had Corey removed, but a few weeks later he’d be back again doing the same thing. Earlier this evening while I sat in my bedroom going through some of my bills, I heard a knock on my window and then I heard Sally’s voice, “Hello? Somebody stay home?”

I opened the blinds and there she was, “Can you help, please? My nephew is in my house making any kine with his druggie friends.”

“Sure,” I smiled. “Don’t worry Sally, you stay here and I’ll take care of it okay?” Really I was irritated because once I’m start something, I hate being pulled away from that task unless someone is dying.

“Thank you,” she cried. “I feel so shame asking for help but I don’t know what to do already.” Turning the left side of her face toward me, I saw that it was completely black and blue and swelling. “He when go black my eye.”

“Okay,” I reassured her and tried to be as warm as I could. “I’ll be right back.”

That’s when I got locked and loaded and headed across the street. They were all co-mingling in Sally’s garage, sorting through all the items that they were going to sell so that they could get more crack. They were so caught up in their greed that they didn’t even see me coming, I fastened the custom made silencer to my gun and came upon the first woman who was trying on the jewelry that belonged to Sally’s grandmother. I put two through the back of her head and the mist of blood that comes spewing out manages to soak her friend next to her in the face. That woman wasn’t even sure about what it was that stained her face and she had no time to scream because I put one each through both of her eyes. The two boyfriends scramble to their feet and the taller dark haired one with the prison tattoos got a nice black talon in his penis and the other through his belly button. The second one with the crew cut and outdated b-boy outfit got one in his mouth and the second one between his eyes. That only left Corey who sat there mortified and too scared to scream at the top of his lungs, I held the gun to his head with my left hand and removed the brass knuckles from my pant pocket. I gave him as many shots as possible to his face crushing all of his orbital bones and fracturing his cheekbones Grabbing him by his shirt collar, I dragged him up the short flight of stairs and kicked the front door open, “You see that?”

When he didn’t answer I pulled his hair back so he could take a look, “Do you see that?”

“Yes!” He screamed through the pain and blood. “I see it! I fucking see it!”

“Who is that laying dead on the living room floor with the side of her face smashed in?” I spat into his ear. “ When she caught you stealing and tried to stop you, you and your fuck faced friends beat her to death!”

“That’s, that’s my Aunty Sally.…..” He cried now but it was alligator emotions. “How you knew?”

“Because her ghost knocked on my window and told me,” I twisted his body and dragged him down the stairs so he could see across the street to my front window. “Look, dickhead, do you see her now?” Corey could only whimper in utter fear at the sight of his aunt’s ghost looking directly at him from my yard. She pointed at him and mouthed the words, “I’ll be waiting for you.”

You see, there’s no way that Sally could have been calling me from outside my bedroom window because the window is five feet from the ground. Yet, there she was, pleading for help, any help that would stop her nephew and his friends from stealing irreplaceable items from her home. He twisted out of my grip and made a run for it, I got one off through the base of his skull and he went down like a rag doll.


Fortunately, there were no winds blowing through our neighborhood, so when Sally’s old 1910 home went up like a box of matchsticks it went quick. None of the other homes on her property were affected. However, everyone did their best by dousing out the flames as best they could with their water hoses. Soon the fire trucks, ambulance, and police arrived, they would find six bodies in the charred rubble and rule it as a drug deal gone wrong. That, of course, was the natural conclusion considering that Corey and his friends were known users who had been in and out of jail more times than one could count. No one was going to miss them. As for me? I just continued my work as if nothing happened, even when the police came to my door to ask a few questions, I told them that I hadn’t heard or seen anything. They believed me and went on their way; I hate being interrupted.

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