Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Sep 19, 2018

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2018 #42


Laying low and out of sight was not a choice Kory Hanlan had. It was either that or be found out and be arrested or be found out by the locals which may have been even worse.
He'd barely survived the beating he received at the hands of the fourteen tourists who he had taken to Kipu falls on that fateful day when that little boy fell in. At first, everyone thought that the dark Hawaiian woman who surfaced on the other side of the falls had come to save the boy and would swim him safely back to his parents. Such was not the case, a few of the tourists jumped in to fish the boy out including his parents. They were horrified when they saw the woman's eyes vacillated from black to red and that her tongue was long and forked. To make matters worse her skin was a yellowish scaled green and her fingernails were like the darkened talons of a predator bird which she used to part the boy's skin on his forehead and neck. As if taunting the visitors she lapped up the droplets of blood which flowed effortlessly as the little boy's body tensed up whenever he screamed.

And scream he did.

Kory watched his dreams of financial riches die with the little boy who became a permanent companion of a Mo'o goddess beneath the waters of Kipu falls. His greed filled heart had no care for the little boy himself, nor did he care for the suffering of the boy's parents. All he could think about was escaping the island of Kauai and resurfacing somewhere else to exploit a culture that was ripe for the taking. Kory was not the first and certainly would not be the last. With the aid of a budding crack addict and a thousand dollars stuffed into the local boy's pockets, Kory was able to smuggle himself onto a cargo plane that was headed for Hawaii island. Once there he would have to change his appearance and assume another identity.



Abraham Lansing lived in a yurt that was located two and a half miles off of the nearest dirt road in the forests of Panaewa. The rain was not something he expected when first finding this clearing where he would set up a home but it was ever-present and persistent. Of course, he never applied for a permit of any kind but he thought that should some state official happen by and find out that his domicile and the land around it was illegal, he would agree to follow a procedure but in fact, would pack up and leave. After getting out of bed and going through his usual morning routine, he was now outside with several buckets filled with water that he got from a nearby stream. He used to it to soap down and wash his fourteen passenger tour van. Emblazoned on either side of the vehicle was the logo, 'PELE VOLCANO TOURS.'

"Can you give me a ride?" Came a female voice from behind him. Abraham whirled around to see a beautiful Hawaiian woman wearing only a sarong wrapped around her chocolate skinned body. Her hair was naturally wavy and colored in a deep black.

"Uh, how'd you get all the way out here by yourself?" Abraham asked, "It's a pretty far walk."

"Can you give me a ride though?" The Hawaiian woman asked again.

"Sure," Abraham smiled. "But uh....nothing's for free you know what I mean?"

"I know what you mean," the Hawaiian woman smiled back. "After I give you what you want, will you give me a ride?"

"Yeah, of course, I'll give you a ride," Abraham said while simultaneously removing his clothing.

"You know what?" The Hawaiian woman mused. "I change my mind, I'll give YOU the ride."

Without warning the Hawaiian woman backhanded Abraham so hard that it lifted him off his feet. He hit the ground with a thud. Without a second to waste the beautiful chocolate skinned Hawaiian woman mounted Abraham but now her skin was a yellowish scale color. Her eyes rolled over black and a forked tongue protruded from her mouth. Long black razor-sharp claws replaced her fingernails as she tore open his neck and chest while he was still alive. Abraham's strength could not match hers, he was completely helpless to fight back. Through the haze of pain, he saw the Rizal brothers step out from behind his van. Immediately he screamed for their help but the four brothers just stood there and watched as the Mo'o wahine named Panaewa tore him to shreds.

"It's okay Kory," Jose' Rizal assured him. "It will be over quicker than you think."

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