Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Sep 25, 2018

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2018 #36


The grass was so well manicured that most of the participants who sat in a large circle naturally assumed that it was astro-turf.
Seated in the crossed legged position, they all joined hands and were then encouraged to accept an exhaled breath from the master. Churning it about in their bodies and minds before exhaling, they released all negative energy once they let the breath go. If you have not already turned this around in your minds then I will tell you that the students of this spiritual breathing session are women. The only male is the master himself. He has become adept at seeing the need for fulfillment in the lives of those women who are extremely wealthy but for whatever reason are void of love. To a rational thinking mind, one can see that all these women need do is find their fulfillment within themselves. This man has masterfully perceived the insecurities of his female charges and their dependence on external happiness. Upon it, he has enterprised himself richly by convincing his victims that their happiness can only be gained through him. He has anointed himself as  'Kalani Smythe,' of European stock on his father's side and of royal Hawaiian blood on his mother's side.

Every woman seated here under the late afternoon sun has seen Kalani's bed if not their own with him in it. He treats one no different than the other but each has been made to feel as if she is the singular one in his universe. Today would have been no different than any other except for the one participant who would not accept Kalani's breath of life into her mouth. Kalani stood dumbfounded and courteously asked why?

"I cannot accept the breath of a man if he is not my own. I'm sorry, it's the way I was raised." The woman responded humbly.

"Dear woman, are you saying that you cannot accept the breath of another man into your body unless you are married to him?" The master asked more intrigued than shocked. It was clear that his ego was challenged.

"Yes," the woman replied. "I say this honestly and with no ill intent. I must respect the edict which has been passed down to me."

From that moment on, the woman earned the full attention of the master and all else were ignored or put aside. Her name was Dorelei, she was of a height taller than most women. She had a mane of black hair that served her features well and she wore it as if it were her crown. Her eyes were wide and ever watchful and her lips were full and ever ready to impart a substantial intercourse of conversations. Never did idle chatter leave her mouth. By the time the retreat concluded and all were shuttled back to the airport to return home, the master begged Dorelei to stay and marry him. That she did readily as she accepted to be his wife. The caveat was that she could not be fully his nor he hers until they were wed as man and wife.

 So, the master waited.


A month transpired and the day of the nuptials arrived. I stood as a witness for the master and the feeble old man and woman who were the parents of Dorelei attended as well as they could manage. The moment the master and Dorelei were declared as man and wife, he whisked his new bride away in order to begin the honeymoon. I was left at the reception with the old couple that we might partake in the food which sat on our table. The two could hardly hear much less raise a fork to their mouths. For the duration of the next few days, moans and sighs of pleasure emanated from the master's bedroom. He and Dorelei surfaced long enough to bathe and take food. Otherwise, they would return to their nuptials for several more hours. On the 8th day as the master sat at the dinner table in the cool open air enjoying a glass of wine and several different fruits, Dorelei sat across from him pale and ashen. Beads of perspiration covered her face and her eyes were half open giving one the impression that she was soon to faint. She fell sideways off of her chair and landed squarely on her shoulder. The sun was past setting and Dorelei began to throw up while her body arched and contracted and her eyes rolled over white. Her throat grew out to an enormous size while her eyes bulged out and resumed its normal feature. The master sat at the dinner table now indulging himself in a slab of prime rib with not a thought to his new bride's condition. What stood up from the other side of the table was a creature that was part human and part wolf, except this one, had the more obvious female attributes. It glared at the master and its black lips curled back to show rows of sharp canines with saliva dripping down every one. The hackles stood up on the back of its neck and it howled at the master.

It was Dorelei.

"Howl at me your husband? Indeed. Are you hungry?" The master was very clever, he knew exactly what his wife needed because she growled back at his question. His gaze slowly affixed itself to her parents who were seated across the lawn by themselves. He looked back at her and said, "Well?"


Like all the women who accepted the master's breath into their bodies along with his manhood, Dorelei in her form as a werewolf tore her old parents' limb from limb until there was nothing left but a massive pool of blood. Simultaneously, throughout particular cities in America, women who also accepted the breath from the master were transfiguring into werewolves themselves and tearing their families apart. No pun intended.

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