Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Sep 7, 2020

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2020 #54

 Ben and Courtney referred to themselves as an uneventful couple from a quiet town in Idaho. A vacation in Waikīkī was a step outside their comfort zone but seemed like something to do before they were too old to do anything.

They sat at the open bar at the Ocean View Inn on the corner of Kalākaua and Pauoaokalani. It was an excellent, breezy third-floor location that overlooked the beach. They had the perfect table right at the edge where they could look down and see the sidewalk below filled with unending traffic of visitors and street urchins alike. How perfect was the sunset? Precisely like the perfect sunset, they Googled online.

They saw a beautiful Hawaiian woman walking past the crowd of people either seated or standing from the opposite end of the bar. She paid no mind to them or anyone; she seemed to have a purpose as to where her destination might be. There was a strength in her face, which was perfectly framed by the long black trestles of her hair. It didnʻt seem to matter that she wore a gaudy one-piece jumped suit colored in red with sizeable hibiscus flower prints all over it. Ben and Courtney watched this striking anomaly as she made her way to the opposite end of the bar. Courtney herself recalls looking to see if it was a bathroom that was the Hawaiian woman's destination, but there was no signage for one. She didnʻt turn left at the end of the bar, which the Idaho couple figured was the only place she could go. Instead, she walked right through the wall like it wasnʻt even there.

"Through, disappeared, dematerialized, whatever you wanna call it," Courtney waved her hands around her head. "My husband and I saw her walk right through that wall."

"You think something like that would happen later at night," Ben began.

"With not too many people around," Courtney continued.

"But it happened when the place was busy, I mean lots of people around," Ben said. "What or who do you think that was?"

No idea. However, I could not help but openly conclude to the couple from  Idaho that their lives, from this point forward, would no longer be uneventful.

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