Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Sep 14, 2021

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2021 #47


I was so intrigued to receive my first box from the dark web that I was stunned when I read the large wide sticker from the cover down to the bottom of the box. 

OPEN AT MIDNIGHT. This was so cool. I busied myself for most of the afternoon and evening. I even took a little nap and set the alarm for eleven-thirty later that night. The alarm rang on time. I was up and took a shower and brushed my teeth, and even sprayed my hair. I wore my best black jeans, wet boots, and a black turtle neck sweater. I sat in front of the box from the dark web at the dining room and counted the seconds. I squealed like a school girl when the clock struck twelve! In a flash, I sliced open the packing tape in one motion with the box cutter and then worked on cutting open the rest of the packing tape on the sides. I pulled the four flaps open, and immediately a swirl of green choking smoke billowed out of the box and filled the entire living room. A second late, the smoke dissipated as quickly as it appeared. Some unseen force knocked the box across the room where it hit the wall so hard that it crumbled to the carpet like a half accordion. The bottom half of the large wide sticker was on the bottom of the box. There was another word there that I hadn't noticed at all. NEVER. I walked to the box and pulled the side of it toward me, where I read the rest of the large wide sticker. NEVER....OPEN AT MIDNIGHT. I heard a low growl from the dining room table and saw a humungous Djinn with green skin sitting on it. It was a male, naked from head to toe, save the slimy black ponytail at the top of the head and the greasy black goatee and pencil mustache. In one leap,  race toward me, and then it went right through me. Its talons emerged from under its perfectly manicured black fingernails and sliced open my sternum. With another swipe of its sharp nails, my entire esophagus plopped on the carpet. The third swipe, it took my head clean off. A lesson to be learned, read the label in its entirety. 

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