Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Feb 15, 2022

Jobs 2022

The old Blockbuster video had a few ghosts in it, that's for sure.

Mind you, this was in the mid to late 80s' and the early 90s'. No one said anything about it, and of course, the directive from management was to ignore it. Those white and blue VHS cases fell off the shelf before opening and as soon as the doors closed at the end of the night. Counting out the cash drawers and closing down the computers took another hour before everything was shut tight and locked. Within that time, the merchandise was being knocked over by something that wasn't there, and videos went flying across the store. Security doors were being unlocked from the inside, setting the alarm off. If that wasn't bad enough, the store manager would get calls at three in the morning from Sonitrol. Someone was in the store. The manager would pull up into the parking lot, and the signs were turned on, and the store itself was big and bright with video screens running and all the computers fully functioning. However, no living person could be found. The ice cream shop in Pearl City is a way station for spirits and is quite possibly built on the night marchers' path. Video evidence from the security cameras shows shadowy figures moving through the store and interacting with employees unaware of their presence.

There's a very high employee turnover, except for the one employee from Pearl City high school who refuses to quit despite the shadows. He needs the money to help support his parents. Hopefully, they find someone to bless the place. Last is the old Tattoo shop on Fort Street Mall. There's the ghost of a middle-aged Hawaiian man who appears dressed in dungarees and work boots. "Seen my ʻīlio?" Heʻs asks if anyone has seen his dog? The artists are often times too scared out of their wits to answer. But it seems that this Hawaiian manʻs ghost might be one of the many who perished from the Bubonic plague that ravaged Chinatown. Perhaps in life, his pet was his only companion? So, before you decide on a place that you would like to apply for a job at, research the location's history so that if you get hired, you wonʻt have to deal with more than just rude customers.

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