Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Feb 1, 2022

Podcast 2022

Today I sat for a podcast that featured haunted places and people in specific locales in Hawai'i.

When we broached the subject of haunted schools, I began to share about the school in Aiea and countless personal encounters that students and staff alike have had with spirits. The host immediately intimated that something had come into the room and was now with us. Since he was the host, I asked him what it was that he wanted to do. He said he wasn't sure. The rest of the segment went on until its completion. We took a break, and the host was visibly shaken. I couldn't bring myself to tell him that the location in which we were sitting was once a morgue. I knew that information would take him over the edge, so I kept it to myself. However, before we began the second segment, I offered a prayer of apologies, saying that no offense was meant and that with humility, we would like to proceed with the permission of the seen and unseen. I intended to acknowledge those who were and still are of the 'āina on which the facility sat. The mood and the atmosphere in the room changed suddenly, and the host's demeanor and posture became lite, and he seemed to be less bothered than he was a minute previous. The lesson is that even though we canʻt see them or perceive them as we would regular people, our ancestors are constantly with us. Therefore, it is always important to acknowledge their presence and to ask permission before proceeding with any undertaking. A lesson learned and humbly accepted.

Photo Credit: Angelus News