Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Mar 25, 2022

Bridge 2022

For most people, a charitable act of kindness to a stranger is not a problem, whatever the situation may be.

But for those who cross the hula street bridge in Waipahu, the one that leads past Waipahu intermediate and over toward St. Joseph Church, will tell you about a very charitable man who asks if you're thirsty? This only happens as he crosses the bridge toward you from the St. Joseph church end. He'll introduce himself as Fredrico and on his shoulders. "I'm Fredrico, hi, hi! You thirsty? I have lemon soda, ice-cold! No worry, no need to pay! I can see you're hot! Please have one!" He'll remove the beverage, willingly pop open the cap, and hand it to you. The drink is not poisoned; it is most satisfying as it rejuvenates your spirit. Fredrico revels in your being quenched and goes on his merry way. Believe it or not, you have performed a charitable act in doing this simple thing. During the second world war, Fredrico was known to traverse the Waipahu Depot Road, where he would sell his homemade beverages for a nickel. He made quite the profit.

One night, a group of off-duty Marines came across Fredric, stole his Lemon soda inventory, and then beat him up when he resisted. Still determined to get his Lemons soda back, he took one of the bottles and broke it over the head of one of the young marines. The group retaliated, beat Fredrico to death, and threw his body over the bridge. The generation of that time that is long past used to say that when Fredrico's ghost appears on the bridge, you are supposed to take the lemon soda he offers and drink it right in front of him. It will make Fredrico's ghost happy, and he will leave you alone. If you don't take the bottle of lemon soda from him, he will let out a deathly wail that will make your ears bleed and make your skin crawl. You'll see that his face is a horrible pulp of blood and fractured bone swollen over three times. Worse is when he bodily tosses himself over the bridge to his own death. So, yes, be charitable and accept the drink. Of course, these could very well be old wives' tales passed down from that generations to keep the younger ones from venturing out late at night and getting stoned, drunk, or pregnant. As far as I know, there is no fixed time or particular day to cross the bridge to meet Fredrico's ghost. I guess it just depends on who it is.



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