Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Mar 5, 2022

Koena 2022

Such a swank neighborhood in Hawaiʻi Kai, newly built with all the latest fixings.

Of course, persons like you and myself were never going to afford to live there because it wasnʻt meant for us. It was meant for more affluent people who arenʻt from here to afford it. But, as I always say, give it time, just give it time. The calls began coming in less than three years. Strange activity, fowl aromas, shadow figures independently moving about, and people. Yes, the people manifesting out of nowhere and at random times were not affixed to any particular hour. Then disappearing as quickly as they came. Most disconcerting were the voices speaking clear as day with no physical body to speak of, always calling out a name, or in Doris Langleyʻs case, holding an entire conversation while she sat on the toilet, talking to whom she thought was her husband. Upon exiting the bathroom and continuing with the discussion regarding the mosaic tiling she wanted for the driveway, she was flabbergasted to walk into the kitchen and find no one there. The conversation on her husband Larryʻs part cut off mid-sentence, and Doris was greeted with an unnerving silence. Doris ran out of her house screaming. "Sheʻs been staying at a hotel this whole time, itʻs been two months," Larry Langley told me over the phone. "She refuses to come home until I have our home blessed and cleansed."

"Mister Langely," I took a deep breath before my following comment. "The damage is already done; Kaualana estates purposely built that house and this sprawling neighborhood knowing that this was a massive Cemetary with more than twenty thousand bodies in it."

"Twenty thousand?" Larry squealed. 

"The best you can do is mortgage your home and move somewhere thatʻs agreeable," I advised him. "The later you stay, the more youʻll regret it."

"But the bodies are gone, right? Otherwise, how could they have built anything here?"

"Because they only removed the headstones, the cemetery is still here," I confirmed.

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