Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 16, 2016

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween! 14 Nights Left! "Keep your 6 cents to yourself"

I’m reluctant to label myself as a Psychic because I don’t want to be responsible for what might happen. Sometimes, helping people to resolve old issues that they need to let go of has consequences. So, when people ask me if I’m psychic I tell them I am not. More often than not, however, it just happens and I have no control over it.

Two years ago, a woman disappeared in broad daylight. She was last seen walking to her car dressed in a hospital scrub top and slacks. She was carrying a large handbag and was seen talking on her cell phone. She got into her Chevy Malibu and drove off and was never seen again. The authorities came up with nothing; she had no enemies but few friends. She was a devoted wife and mother and worked a regular nine to five day; so where did she go? How did she disappear and was she still alive?

I was having lunch one day at Ken’s when a friend of mine who happened to be a police officer saw me from two tables over and decided to join me since we were both eating alone. Our conversation was small talk mainly, that is until a bit of psychic information came spilling out of my mouth.

“John,” I began. “That woman who disappeared two years ago, the one who drove a chevy malibu?”

“What about it?” He asked.

“She’s alive, she’s living on ‘O’ahu under an assumed name. She’s with another man that she’s been seeing for a while. She finally decided to make the move,” I said. “She lives across the street from the jack-in-the-box by the stadium. Filipino woman; she died her hair blonde,”

John thought I was kidding at first , but when he realized I was serious he went back to his car and got his note pad. He had me repeat the information again once he got back and then he thanked me and left. A few weeks later, the description of what I shared was true and they found her. She had no intention of returning home, she just wanted to be with the man she loved, and she wanted to be left alone.

When her husband found out, he was devastated. Not only because of the fact that she left without a word or clue as to her whereabouts, but also because of the fact that she filed a restraining order against him after she’d been found. A week later, the woman’s husband drove out to the parking lot in front of the K-Mart superstore and shot himself in the head.


A lot of times people want you to keep your two cents to yourself. For me, it’s better if I take my own two pennies and throw them in with the four cents that I already have and just walk away.

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