Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 27, 2016

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween! 3 Nights Left! "Regret"

Recording on a cell phone: No date given, no time or location. Mad rambling.

“It’s my fault really. Wish I had told myself that when I was being an ass, but now it’s too late. The Hawaiians told me and so too did all the locals; the signs were even posted but here I am the ugly foreigner trying to prove a point. If anyone finds this recording then you’ll know it was me, I did it. I dismantled most of the stones from this structure; it’s just a pile of rocks right? I was a damned fool and now I’m screwed, totally screwed. They say the Menehune built this place in one night and I just got pissed at how everyone suddenly got quiet and spoke in hushed tones. I just wanted to prove a point, I wasn't trying to hurt anyone, I wasn’t. I just wanted to show them that it was all superstitious crap! But these little fuckers showed up, almost an army of ‘em. Jesus if they weren’t regular sized human beings but just smaller, like three feet smaller and cock strong. One of ‘um alone lifted me and tossed me around like I was nuthin’. I just got up and ran for my life but I fractured my ankle trying to get away; all I can do now is hide and hope that they don’t find me. I’m trying to slow my breathing so I stop perspiring; wait what? That’s stupid. Can’t they smell fear? I’m sure they can, I’m sure they can.…. they’re coming. I can hear their foot steps and their voices..their voices.…”

Recording cuts off at this point.  Coincidentally, a group tourists visiting a well known heiau that is rumored to have been built by Menehune are horrified to find fresh human body parts built into the rock wall of the ancient Hawaiian temple; including a decapitated head.

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