Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Apr 25, 2017

"Ka Wailele"

Brandon Davis took the opportunity to remove his shirt and shoes before wading out into the middle of the pond at Manoa falls, where he could enjoy the crisp coolness of the fresh rainwater that fell gently over the falls. He knew that the serene silence would only be momentary before groups of hikers would begin to appear at the pond and fill the valley with their chatter and shrieks of laughter and screams of delight. Even before Brandon could finish his thought, a young Caucasian boy stood at the opposite end of the pond with a beautiful Hawaiian girl who was very successful at getting the boy to follow her to the very spot where they now stood.

Brandon noticed that the Caucasian boy only managed to mutter something about not knowing how to swim before the beautiful Hawaiian girl pushed him into the water. Immediately after the boy surfaced, he was already struggling to stay afloat. The girl giggled gleefully before she jumped into the water and took the boy down with her. Minutes passed, and the two never came up for air. Instinct made Brandon swim to the spot where he could best surmise that both of them went under. Suddenly the girl surfaced at the opposite end of the pond soaking wet and fully clothed in her tank top, jeans, shorts, and bare feet.

The young Caucasian boy was nowhere in sight.

It was only then that the young Hawaiian girl turned around and noticed Brandon. He saw the look on the girls face as if she were contemplating walking over to where Brandon sat, helpless to do anything. Instead, the girl smiled sweetly at Brandon while her eyes rolled over black at the same time. With that, she turned around and walked off into the Manoa forest. The serene quiet that Brandon came for in the early morning hour was now broken by the piercing screams of someone who had seen more than his mind could comprehend.

The hiking trail was closed that day.

The police escorted Brandon Davis to his car at the lower parking lot. The authorities came to dredge the pond later to find the young Caucasian boys' body. It would surface three days later. As for the young local girl?

Be careful who you meet along the Manoa hiking trail. Especially if they invite you for a swim at the falls.

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