Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Apr 25, 2017

" Lily "

The Hawaiian ocean was like an endless ribbon of dark cellophane, reflecting a cluster of constellations in the night sky. Simultaneously, its ebb and flow upon the sandy shores of Makaha beach were like the hands of a skilled masseuse whose fingers pressed up and down the back of a client that needed continuous circulation. Lily Iwamoto lay naked on a large lauhala mat while Naue continued to employ his traditional method of Hawaiian massage to her shoulders and arms. Gently inserting his left hand under her back, he rolled her over on her tummy, where he began to apply pressure to all of her knotted-up muscles that were the result of emotional duress. The heady aroma of the sea spray and its hypnotic thundering sound on the beach below seemed to lull Lily into a half-slumber; it was in this half-cognitive state that she could feel how powerful the hands of this Hawaiian man really were. Yet, he was gentle and caring whenever he touched her. Were it not for his shock of long white hair, which he kept in a high bun or his white beard, no one would guess his age, for his features did not reveal the lines or crevices of a man in his dotage. Applying his thumbs to the hard knot on her shoulder, Naue urged Lily to calmly inhale and exhale when the pain became too much to bear. With each rise and fall of her breath, the stubborn muscle gave way, and the pain would subside, and as the pain left, tears would take its place.

"Is this helping you?" Naue asked.

Sobbing now, Lily replied, "Yes, I don't know why I'm crying. I feel free suddenly like a burden is lifted or something."

"That's the process, as the muscles are caressed and separated, often it yields emotional results," Naue confirmed.

"I see," Lily replied while wiping away her tears, "can I share something with you?"

"Only if you want to," Naue smiled.

"I appreciate your respect for me; in this short time that I've known you, you've had many opportunities to take advantage of the situation, and you never have. At first, I thought that there was something wrong with me, and then I thought you were gay," Lily shared.

"Imagine that," Naue smiled.

"But I was wrong; there's almost like a reverence with you, like you hold everything and everyone in such high regard," Lily's voice was like a gentle whisper now.

"Is this what you wanted to share with me?" Naue asked.

"No," Lily giggled, "I want to make love with you, but I'm afraid of what might happen afterward,"

"Afraid?" Naue asked.

"Maybe I'm overthinking; this is so stupid," Lily scoffed, "I feel like an idiot now!"

"You're afraid of giving this one last part of yourself to me because you feel that it's all you have left of you, the true you," Naue said.

"Yes," Lily's tears fell freely as she sat up and folded her entire body into Naue's embrace. "I can't be hurt again; I can't. I'll never survive if it happens,"

"Then don't LET it happen, don't LET yourself be hurt," Naue whispered.

"I won't," Lily promised, "I won't."

Naue carried Lily in his arms effortlessly and walked her into the calm of Makaha's late evening tide, just far enough so that the water would be waist-deep for Lily. They kissed for what seemed like hours until Naue hoisted her onto his hips; she let out a gasp of ecstasy as the Hawaiian masseuse slowly moved inside her. Within seconds, she felt her muscles beginning to tighten while the pulsating wave of her first orgasm came rushing forward until it was replaced by a second and a third.
Naue raised her in his arms again and walked further into the ocean; he released her from his grasp and let her float gently in front of him. Lily's form was serene and at peace; it was a kind of quietude that few experience in a lifetime. A quietude that could only be found in a place like Makaha, the repository of our ancient mana.

Lily let out a slight moan when she felt Naue take her legs and place them on his shoulders; he began to gently kiss her from the inside of her calves, then her knees, and finally her thighs. Lily grabbed Naue by the back of his head to hurry his efforts; the wait was too much, she positioned him in the right spot where her womanhood needed it most. Her screams were deafening, but no one was there to hear it.


The following day, Lily's mutilated half torso was found three miles down the shoreline on a beach fronting Kaneana Cave in Makua. A fisherman and his son arrived at the private cove and found the remains on the reef. Later, the authorities would determine that the bite marks below her navel were indicative of a gigantic shark who effortlessly tore away her lower extremities. The beach is "Nanaue," named after the shark god who roams the area. In old legends, it is said that Nanaue often takes the form of a tall, dark, muscular Hawaiian man with long white hair and a white beard.

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