Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Apr 24, 2017

"Wahi Kolo" (Crawl Space)

Professor Colin Baher lived in the back of Manoa Valley off of Woodlawn Drive. He owned an old two-story Southern plantation-style home, which he converted into an upstairs four-bedroom home while turning the bottom floor into a large studio with an equal-sized large bathroom, shower, and a small space for an oven and sink. The rest of it was just space and lots of it. Although the professor really didn't need the money being that he came from a well-off family in Santa Barbara, he rented the studio out to students who needed an affordable place to stay while attending the University. There were a few male students here and there, but the broader demographic of his transitory tenants were female; some came in groups of three or four and were more than willing to split the cost of the rent among themselves. The majority of them never stayed longer than a semester.

Colin Baher was a professor of American History at the University who received many accolades for his books on American History, and it's future effect on Native Cultures, including Hawai'i. He had also made many anonymous donations to local schools that needed such things as books or air conditioners. One school located in a rural area of 'O'ahu that consisted of only one classroom with twenty children was in dire need of a television and a VCR player. A month later, twenty Mac computer laptops showed up in the principal's office, the donor remained a mystery.

For as much as Professor Baher's anonymous altruistic lifestyle may have been the stuff that books and movies are made of, he was possessed of a vice that was unshakable and unrelenting. It was his voyeuristic attraction to young female college students. Professor Baher rationalized his behavior as something safe and not harmful to his subjects at all since they were not in the least aware of his presence. It began during the renovation of his two-story home when he accidentally came upon an elaborate crawl space system between the upper and lower floors. It explained why the ceiling on the bottom floor seemed to be a bit smaller than usual. As he began to explore the crawl space, he saw how the flooring was reinforced to not cause the sound of creaking. He also noticed peepholes in specific locations where one could gaze down into the bathroom, the small kitchen, and the larger living room. It must have been put in by the previous owner, but for what purpose, he was not sure. It was after the renovations were done that the Professor's unknown activities began. 

Nothing harmful.

Many of his downstairs tenants went on about their daily activities while others walked around the downstairs space entirely nude. Some brought home boyfriends and girlfriends and made love where ever and whenever the moment struck them. Others were the professor's own students who would knock on his door to ask a question about their homework or upcoming assignments as he was just coming out of the secret crawl space. They were clueless to the fact that he had only seen them in the shower giving themselves an enema; he could hardly look them in the eye.


In late August of that year, a knock came on Colin's front door while he was in his kitchen trying to perfect the ultimate plantation iced tea. Quickly washing his hands in the sink and drying them off with his own shirt, Colin hurried to the front door. Standing just outside was a tall, statuesque Hawaiian girl with dark skin. Her eyes were hazel colored, and every facial feature was perfect and without flaw. There wasn't the need for makeup as her beauty was natural and vibrant. Her hair was pulled back in a high ponytail, and her clothing was a simple tank top paired with green khaki shorts. Colin caught himself staring and excused his lingering gaze, the Hawaiian girl appeared to be all business, there was not a hint of humor in her demeanor. Glancing down, he also saw that she had no footwear on. She inquired about the rental of the downstairs studio, and after the Professor explained the particulars to the girl, she filled out the rental application and paid for the entire year in advance in cash. Her name was Leina, and she had mentioned to Colin that she didn't own much and that moving in wouldn't require any help. Before Colin could utter another word, the girl was already walking down the stairs and out to the main road.


For the duration of her stay, Leina was quiet whenever she was actually home; otherwise, Colin wouldn't see his tenant for days on end. The girl was hardly sociable whenever the Professor did see her, and she never acknowledged his friendly salutations. This made spying on Leina through the crawl space scarcely worth the effort, however one night, there came a knock, and Colin looked up to see Leina standing outside his door. She was dressed in nothing but a pareo, her long black hair fell about her shoulders this time, and it made her appear even more stunning. She had locked herself out of the studio accidentally after rushing off suddenly to meet someone. Without a word, Colin headed down the stairs and inserted his key into her front door to let her in, he glanced up the stairs to see her taking the last few steps toward where he stood. A slight wind blew back the material of her pareo, and he could see that she was entirely naked beneath the colored fabric. A wave of lust washed over him so quickly that he immediately became dizzy, and his mouth began to water. Without even a grateful thanks, Leina walked into the studio and closed the door behind her. Colin bounded back up the stairs and into his upper floor domicile, ripping the old Russian style carpet away from the middle of his living room floor and pulled back the trap door, and practically jumped into the crawl space. He immediately went to the first peephole above the bathroom and shower ceiling and found it was empty. He next headed to the small kitchen peephole, which was also abandoned. Next was the peephole over the living room, where she was lying completely naked on the bare living room floor with her eyes closed and breathing heavily. Without hesitation, Leina began to pleasure herself, and it proved to be something that Colin was not prepared for. She took her time before she brought herself to ecstasy, but once she did, the pleasure seemed to cause Leina's body to undulate and contract time and time again. When Leina was finally done, Leina used the front of her forearm to wipe away the sweat that gathered on her forehead. It was then that her eyes opened, they were colored green and took on the likeness of a lizard; she was staring directly at the Professor. Her eyes blinked for a second, and then she pointed at him from where she lay. Colin Baher did not even have a second to react before he heard his name called out from in front of him in the crawl space. Looking up now, he saw Leina slowly undulating and slithering toward him with her hands reaching out to him, her eyes were rolled over black as was her forked tongue. Colin screamed for his life while he frantically tried to back out of the space, but to no avail, Leina already had both of her hands holding Colin's head, and as her scaled black lips covered his, it drowned out the Professor's horrific blood-curdling shrieks. The next moment there was nothing but silence.

Professor Colin Baher was reported missing for three years. It seemed that he had disappeared without a trace, that is, until three years later when a developer bought the property and decided to break down the two-story house and re-build it entirely. One day, a few workers found the slime-covered body of the Professor between the floorboards of the upper and lower levels. It was perfectly preserved and had not suffered from any kind of decomposition. The only damage to the body was his lips, which were swollen over black as if something returned periodically to literally suck the life out of it until there was nothing left.

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