Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

May 2, 2022

Kākau 2022

We bought the house in Kaimuki about three months ago, right near the fire station.

It's been lovely. My wife is happy, and our son, who is ready for pre-school in the fall, is sort of a savant in that he began writing on his own less than a year ago. He loves it, and he becomes so absorbed in it that he will sit there for hours writing on a piece of paper with a crayon, pen, or pencil. He started by writing random letters of the alphabet, not in scribble but very clearly, almost as if one were looking at a kind of font on a computer or laptop. Today, as Lisa and I got some painting done in the kitchen, we noticed some of the old paint was peeling off. I'm not sure how we missed it, but goodness forbids that a fleck of paint falls into our son's food or something. So, as we painted, we kept an eye on Oscar while he sat at his play desk and wrote his letters. Once we were done, we thought it might be a thrill for us to take Oscar to get his first happy meal. We were sure he'd enjoy the toy that would come with it, if anything. I went to our bedroom to get my keys and wallet when I heard Lisa scream my name. I saw Oscar in my wife's arms, pale and nearly turning blue. He wasn't choking on anything and wasn't having a seizure; as the doctor would tell us later, he was in perfect health. There was no explanation for what happened. Having some burgers and fries with Oscar while he joyfully ate his apple slices and played with his toy was a bit disconcerting, knowing that we nearly lost him an hour ago. It was like nothing happened, and Oscar had no recollection of what events led to Lisa finding him in that state. He fell asleep in his car chair on the way home, and we lay him on our bed so we could keep an eye on him. Lisa went to shower, and I cleaned up the living room. Oscar's paper he'd been writing on was still on his play desk, with his favorite pen on top of it. I was surprised that he hadn't written any alphabet but an actual full letter.

This is for you people who barged into my home, leave now and never come back, or I will kill the both of you. Your son, I will save for last because he is fat with the sweet of youth, unlike you and your miserable bitch wife who are crusted with age and regrets. If you are not fools, you will never think to look back on this place. If you are fools, then stay; I encourage you. Suffer the consequences.

Lisa was standing right beside me in her bath towel, still damp from the shower. She gasped and took a couple of steps back and yelped as she almost knocked Oscar over, who was also standing there. "The lady made me write it; I had to write everything she said,"

"What?" I questioned my little one. "What lady?"

Oscar looked over at Lisa and pointed to his mother, "Her,"

But Lisa was gone; she wasn't standing there at all. The door to the bathroom opened, and Lisa came walking out in her shorts and shirt, drying off her hair. She glanced over at us, and I guess she saw the look on my face. "What? What happened?"

"You were in the bathroom this whole time?" I asked.

"Yes, why?" Lisa is confused.

I grabbed Oscar, ushered Lisa into our bedroom, and locked the door without another word. "Read this," I handed her the letter. Her face became serious and then horrified. "Oscar said a lady made him write that, then YOU walked up right next to me and read that letter along with me. You gasped and took two steps back and nearly ran into Oscar. I asked him who the lady was, and Oscar pointed at you, and you were gone. Gone, I mean you vanished. Next thing I know, you came walking out of the bathroom!" There was knocking on the door; the voice on the other end was Lisa's, and Oscar's, telling me to open the door. "Babes, why did you just go straight in the house after getting out of the car. You didn't even wait for me, and you're ignoring your son!"

I turned around, and they were gone; my wife and son were gone. I tore the bedroom door open, and the hallway was empty. No Lisa, no Oscar. I tore my way out of the house and ran out into the street. My wife and son emerged from the garage, walked right up to the tip of the driveway, and went no further. Both glared at me as if they dared me to come back into the house.


I woke up in a Straub emergency. It turns out that I fainted because of the fumes from the paint we found in the garage. It had been sitting there for a while, so it got me once I opened the cans and mixed them around. The doctor removed a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to me, "Your son asked us to give this to you." He let me know that I was free to go, once I got myself dressed, and then he left. Unfolding the paper, I believed I screamed with such horror that I might have lost my voice after reading its contents.

What happened to you, is a show of how much worse it will be if you continue to stay in my house. Leave while you still have legs to leave.

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