Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

May 9, 2022

Road 2022

My connections tell me that it's because of this built-up anger after the pandemic, this at a governor who prioritizes the people who lined his pockets rather than the voters who got him into office.

When people are dying by the numbers because of a pandemic and the people who can actually help you don't care, something's got to give. So it turns out that a small group of people got together and formulated a way to put curses on those in positions of authority, thereby killing them in a very effective manner. However, the group became even angrier when the deaths by curses didn't go public, so they began to curse people at random, hoping to gain more publicity. That's when I was contacted to do something about it. My first instruction to the persons who hired me was that they not leak any of this to the news outlets at all. My second instruction was to track down any videos posted on social media and strike that from getting out. My third instruction was that I have complete immunity because of what I had to do to rectify the problem. This group, this self-proclaimed curse terrorist cell, has its headquarters in the most public building in the area. One that no one would suspect. It's the local comic book store in Kaimuki. It's a genius plan if you ask me. Only one way in and no exit. It's a death trap really, but for who? be continued

Credit: Race Equality Foundation

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