Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Aug 23, 2016

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween! 68 Nights Left! "Joey Tango"

Behind a very large toy store in Aiea is a bus stop that is unremarkable. It is a way station for people who await the last city bus of the night to transport them to their intended destination. Joey Tango's shift ended just after midnight, he was the maintenance guy at the local mall who worked three jobs in order to help support his family. There was only one car and Joey's wife used it for work and for dropping off and picking up the kids from school, He sprinted as fast as he could across the mall parking lot in order to catch the last bus heading through Salt Lake, where he lived. His watch read 12:13 am, the bus would pass at exactly 12:15 am, he couldn't afford to miss it and he didn't. The city bus was parked right in front of the bus shack with the doors wide open and the interior lights on.

Bus #357

 The people who should have been on the bus were all crowded around the little shack standing silently as they waited to board. The driver stood on the bench collecting transfers from each person who approached him. He was tall and thin, wearing dark glasses and black leather racing gloves, his forehead was high with thinning hair at the top of his scalp.

Seeing Joey Tango standing at the back of the group the driver asked, "You got a transfer?"

 "No I have a bus pass," Joey said.

 "Tonight we're only taking transfers, no passes." The driver said.

 "But this is the last bus right? I gotta get home man!" Joey said.

"No passes," the driver confirmed.

 "Is there another bus coming after this one?" Joey Tango was desperate.

The driver ignored Joey Tango as he began to load the people on to the vehicle It  was standing room only. Joey Tango stood there dumbfounded as the driver started up the bus and brought it to life.

 "Hey???" The driver yelled out.

Joey Tango walked up to the bottom steps of the bus and replied, "Yes?"

 "Joey Tango, this ride is not for you. If it were, you'd have a transfer in your hand and not a pass." The driver said. "It's not your time, don't be so eager. Appreciate what you got,"

 In the next instant the driver lifted his dark glasses to reveal a pair of dark empty eye sockets.

 "Step away from the bus," the driver bellowed.

 He closed the doors and put the bus in gear. Joey screamed and fell over his own two feet; he watched as the bus sped toward the rise just near forty niners cafe.' Suddenly a huge Mac truck came speeding out nowhere and plowed into bus #357 head on. Both vehicles burst into a blinding ball of fire; the after shock alone knocked Joey off of his feet. Less than a minute later, the number 62 bus to Salt Lake rolled up to the bus stop. Joey Tango was confused but as he looked at his watch, it was still 12:15am.

 "Whoa," the driver exclaimed as he exited the bus, "what happened?"

"You taking passes AND transfers tonight?" Joey Tango was almost hyperventilating.

 "And money," the bus driver replied. "What the hell happened? Where'd that bus come from?"

 "Honestly, I'm not sure.." Joey replied.

"Did you see what number bus that was?" The driver asked.

"357," Joey answered.

"There's no #357 and there's no other midnight bus except for mine," the driver was confused.

No less than a second later, the entire tableau of flames, twisted steel and glass were gone. It was like it never happened. Joey called his wife at home and asked her if she would come get him. The following day, Joey Tango bought himself a car.

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