Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Aug 28, 2016

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween! 63 Nights Left! "When Boy Met Harry"

When Harry Vierra woke up with a bad headache, he thought that a cold beer would make him feel better so he headed downstairs to the kitchen. He was startled when he saw three Hawaiian men dressed in coats and ties sitting on his couch.

“What the hell are you doing in my house?” Harry demanded

The younger of the three Hawaiian men stood up while the older two remained seated.

“You’re Harry correct? We don’t mean to startle you first thing in the morning but your wife Samantha asked us to come to your home and speak with you,” the man explained.

“Speak with me? About what?” Harry’s aggression was beginning to escalate.

“I’m so sorry, forgive my rudeness. These two gentlemen are my uncles, Ivan and Tiny. My name is Boy, it’s nice to meet you,” he smiled.

“Wait, hold on,” Harry answered. “Let me go get my wife,”

“No need for that,” Boy told Harry. “She’s not here, she’s at her mothers house with the kids,”

“What? What is she doing there?” Harry was confused.

“Well, Harry.…can I be candid with you?” Boy asked.

“Huh? What?” Harry asked.

“Can I speak honestly with you?” Boy restructured his question.

“I guess so,” Harry frowned.

“Sarah came to us and told us that you’re emotionally, mentally and physically abusive. She’s afraid for her self and the children; do you understand?” Boy was making every attempt to reason with Harry.

“Oh she told you all that huh? So what, you guys came to kick my ass or something?” Harry was now challenging Boy directly.

“No, no it’s nothing like that. In fact that’s the last thing we want,” Boy reassured him.

“Then what?” Harry raised his voice now.

“We think it’s a good for the sake of Samantha and the children that you leave,” Boy was emphatic now.

“Oh, you mean like take a break and come back later?”

“No, without coming back. It’s better if you stay gone, forever,” Boy was adamant.

Harry balled up his fist and went straight for Boy but he was cut off by Ivan who grabbed him by the throat. Tiny then shot up from his chair and simultaneously punched Harry in the sternum while
at the same time Boy held a wooden bowl made of kauila in his hands. It was filled with water from the deep ocean; in it was a mixture of red ‘alae salt and turmeric. Ivan held his grip and dragged Harry over to where Boy was standing. He held the wooden bowl of water under Harry’s chin just as Ivan released his grip from Harry’s throat. Harry exhaled into the bowl of liquid but his breath left no ripple in the water; the water remained perfectly undisturbed.

Without hesitation, Tiny slapped the water in the bowl causing it to splash everywhere. At the same time, Harry dissipated into nothing.


After years of suffering Harry’s abuse, Samantha knew that if she stayed any longer that Harry would eventually kill her. She gathered her children and left. His last desperate act was to threaten suicide by hanging himself from a rafter in their bedroom. Harry’s screaming and waving of his fists caused him to lose his balance on the flimsy stool on which he stood and he hung from the rafters making good on his threat. Real or not.

A few months later, Samantha tried to move back into the house but she soon realized that it was haunted by Harry’s ghost. She was desperate to have Harry’s apparition exorcised because she could not afford to move anywhere else. A friend of Samantha’s mother found out about the situation and decided to introduced Samantha to Boy. Although Boys specialty is rendering curses on the wicked, he was still able to help an abused mother in need.

Harry himself never really intended to take his own life. He was simply using the threat of doing it so that his wife would give in and come back. He died so unexpectedly that as far as his conscious mind was concerned, he was still alive. It’s the only reason why was able to communicate so openly as if nothing had changed.

Nothing of Harry remains in the house today, but once every week Boy brings a fresh bowl of water from the moana which is filled with red ‘alae salt and turmeric. He leaves it on a small table just inside Harry and Samantha’s old bedroom that has since become a storage space.

You never know.

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