Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Aug 27, 2016

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween! 64 Nights Left! "Uncle David"

Without giving away too much, I can tell you that every regular lodge of Freemasons is based on King Solomon’s temple. It has to do with the way the building is constructed, the way in which primary seats in the lodge are situated and so on. Like the cubits, pillars, stairs and the time of day in which men worked; so too do the Freemasons work in their lodges. Like King Solomon’s temple, rough stones and finely hued stones are a part of the foundation of our building, just as working tools are also a part of our work as Freemasons. It is safe to say that there is such rich allegory in regards to King Solomon that the foundation of masonic teachings in certain aspects are more Jewish than anything else. 

You’ll just have to take my word for it. 

There is a masonic lodge, in a jurisdiction that I can’t name, in a location that I can’t tell you about, where one certain Freemason has an ancestral tie directly back to King Solomon himself; or so he says. 

His name, believe it or not, is David. He’s a very humble man and very well liked among his brothers and very dedicated to his craft. One night after lodge was finished, David stayed upstairs to clean up and put all of the ceremonial items away. When he was done, he made his way downstairs to clean up as well. As he was about to close up for the night, it suddenly occurred to him that he’d forgotten his tuxedo coat upstairs in the lodge room. He quickly bound up the stairs and opened the door and clicked on the lights. As he walked over to the chair where he’d left his tuxedo coat, the coat itself lifted from the chair and handed itself to that masonic brother.

“You forgot something,” a disembodied voice said.

Poor David put his feet to the pavement and took off running a mile down the road not realizing that he’d left his tuxedo coat and his car at the masonic temple parking lot.

On another night at lodge, the same young David, is alone and recording himself singing a song upstairs in the lodge room. This is a song that he is going to present at a masonic function in less than a week. Rather than turn on the A/C, he decides to leave it off and open the door main doors to the lodge room. After several minutes, he stops and plays back the recording in order listen to himself. 

Within the first minute of the recording is a pause in the song; that’s where he hears something unusual and decides to rewind the recording and play it back. After listening to the playback, he drops the digital recorder and runs out of the lodge room. On it is a woman’s voice saying, “Why is it so hot in here?”
Finally, there is the story of the very late night that brother David is called to the lodge. When he gets there he finds the police cars in the lodge parking lot and they’re all standing around a homeless man who is in hysterics. This homeless man tells the police that he won’t talk to anyone but David; he even asked for him by name but David has never seen this man in his life. 

Upon his arrival and introduction to the transient, the man relates this story:

He broke in to the lodge from the back stairs up top, it was cold and he needed a place to stay for the night. He made himself comfortable and finally dozed off to sleep when all of a sudden all the lights went on in the lodge room and he found himself surrounded by a group of men in tuxedos and funny looking aprons. They were walking around him in a circle and the circle kept getting smaller and smaller.

“Back to the clay,” they kept repeating again and again. He was overcome with the feeling that they were going to kill him. He suddenly screamed and attempted to run out of the same door he came through but it was being blocked by the men in tuxedos. This time, they seemed to be looking down at something. As he got closer, he saw that they were mournfully standing over an open grave. Following their gaze, he saw that there was a body in it. It was his own. 

He screamed again and this time he managed to make it out of the main door to the lodge room and opened the nearest window he could find. He stood there, leaning out the window screaming for help. The neighbors across the street heard his cries and called the police. Unfortunately, they had to break the glass to the front door in order to get into the building. It took a few minutes to convince the man to follow them downstairs but as they walked him through the main lobby, he began screaming again. 

“There they are!” The poor man screamed, “That’s them, those are the guys that surrounded me and tried to kill me!”

On the four walls of the lobby were the pictures of the men in the tuxedos and funny aprons that he just saw upstairs.

“Those pictures on the walls,” David told the homeless man and the police, “Are the pictures of all of the old Freemasons who were the past leaders of their lodges.”

Wide eyed, the homeless man said, “One them had a message for you.”

“One of them?” David queried.

“Yes, yes. A tall man, he was dressed different from the other guys. He was wearing a robe, and he had a crown, a beautiful crown. He had a beard and his eyes... his eyes were kind.”

“You said he had a message,” David reminded him.

“‘Yes, he said to tell David to keep watch over his temple," 

“Who was it ?” David was incredulous now.

“He said he knew him, his name was Solomon.

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