Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Aug 2, 2016

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down 'Til Halloween! 89 Nights Left! "Crazy is"

Crazy is as crazy does, it doesn’t need a reason to be. It just is.

Consider the home at the end of the street where Darla Young lives; she’s given up most of her life to care for her mother who fell into a coma 10 years ago. Within that 10 year span there have been a slew of unsolved murders in the neighborhood. Mostly homeless people and a few random people who happened to be taking their dog for a walk late at night, but mostly homeless people. They were killed in their sleep; throats slit open, burned alive in their make shift tent, face bashed in with a kettle bell. One poor homeless man was zipped up in his sleeping bag where he was wrapped up with duck tape and hung upside down by his feet from the monkey bars at Wai’alae park. While upside down, his head was completely submerged in a bucket filled to the rim with water. It was a very creative way to drown someone. Whoever the killer was, he had no idea that a homeless family living in a van at the other end of the park were witnesses to the murder. The father of the houseless household was interviewed on the evening news and gave a description of the murderer. The person was short, wearing dark pants and shoes and an over sized hoodie sweater; he also wore a back pack. Three nights later the entire van went up in flames with the homeless family still asleep in it. They all perished.

Darla watched the news while feeding her mother Elizabeth.

“ It’s a terrible thing these killings, it’s been going on for ten years and police still haven’t caught that person,” Darla said. “At least we have a description of the killer now,”

When Darla finished feeding her mother, she put the food away and proceeded to give her mother her sponge bath before retiring to shower herself and then off to bed. Later that night, Darla rose from her sleep to use the bathroom. When her business was finished she made her way back to her bedroom and that’s when she noticed that the door to her mother’s room was halfway opened. This happened many times before whenever Darla forgot to shut the door tight. It would simply open on it’s own. No cause for alarm. Walking toward the door to close it, she held knob in her hand and suddenly noticed someone short in a big hoodie sweater wearing a back pack and dark slacks and shoes. He was standing over her mother’s bed. It was the killer from the earlier newscast. Without thinking, she let out a shriek which startled the stranger.  In a flash the intruder removed a knife from the front pocket of the over sized sweater and plunged it into Darla’s heart. Her vision faded away before she took her last breath, Darla saw the killer pull the hoodie away from his face; only it wasn’t a man. It was Darla’s mother.

“You shouldn’t have come into my room Darla, you should have gone straight to bed,”

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