Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Aug 18, 2018

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2018 #74


She called me from a pay phone a block away from her apartment. She told her roommate that she needed to go to the 7-11 for feminine napkins. "He didn't say a word, he just nodded his head," there was a nervous fear under her voice.
"The whole time we spoke he kept asking me if I heard the sound of a dog growling but I said no, that I didn't hear anything."

"Go on," I encouraged her only slightly. I didn't want to overdo it and have her hang up.

"What he didn't know was that the growling sound was coming from him, every time he spoke it was a growl, not a conversation." The paranoia in her voice was slowly building, I had to keep her calm.

"Are you certain?" I put on my best soothing voice in order to defuse her nerves. "Do you think it's possible for someone to speak in two completely different voices at the same time?"

"Of course it's not," she practically spat out her reply. "I'm not some expert like you are but I'm not an idiot either!"

"I didn't mean it that way, I'm sorry. What would you like me to do at this point?" It was best to keep an even tone in situations like this.

"Please come and meet me at my place, bring your team with you but please, I can't go back there alone!" Before she hung up she gave me her address and we met her in the downstairs parking lot of her apartment building. The six of us followed her upstairs where it turned out that her place was the last unit on the opposite side of the building. She put her finger to her mouth and slowly opened the door and waited until we were all gathered in the living room, "Babe? I met some friends at the 7-11. they just wanted to come over and say hello. Is that okay?"

"Oh sure (growl) have them come in! Don't just (growl) leave them standing around in the (growl) living room!" We were all stunned when we heard that and we didn't know what to make of it, the poor woman was in tears. A second later a large German Shepard appeared from the kitchen, with its face and coat covered in blood. He looked at us for a second and suddenly crooked his head to one side, "C'mon in (growl) guys! Have a (growl) seat! Don't just stand there!"

The poor woman stood there with one hand over her mouth trying to suppress her screams while the rest of us climbed all over one another to get the hell out of there! On the way out, we all saw the body of a middle-aged man laying on a bed in a room that was situated just before the front door. His neck was one big open gaping wound, blood was everywhere and there was a frozen look of horror on his face as if he had just seen the devil himself. Probably the same devil that was now tearing away at whoever couldn't make it out of the apartment fast enough.

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