Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Aug 22, 2018

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2018 #70


10 am 2nd period English

"My last name is Chun just like Tama and several times I told his parents that we probably related but they don't want to listen to me," Ms. Pat Chun was the English teacher at the school who was long past retirement.
She began to spend more time reminiscing about her romantic past than teaching verbs, nouns, and consonants. "I used to be Chinese blossom queen a long time ago, you folks knew that? Had this one guy Manford Shiraiki he wanted to marry me but we couldn't because he was Japanese and I'm Chinese. Before then you don't mix with other kind races, you stick to your own. I was so mad after that, just to spite my parents I dated all kinds of guys but I never married. They had this one guy who was the son of Lum Yip Kee, this big Chinese merchant that they wanted me to marry but I didn't care. They got so mad they threatened to disown me, so I move out on my own and went to school and got my degree, then I traveled the world. Today, I'm a teacher but I think about Manford Shiraiki more and more in my old age." Her eyes glazed over and even though she physically stood in front of a classroom filled with thirteen-year-old teenagers, her heart and mind were elsewhere. She was dancing at the Chinese blossom ball with Manford, gazing up into his eyes, longing to be with him for the night and to never leave his side, but that wasn't what a proper society girl did. She minded her manners and stuck to social etiquette but she'd never met someone like Manford before, his eyes were ablaze with an adventure that could happen at any moment. He had a natural smile that sat on the precipice between fun and danger, all it took was a slight push to fall on either side. As dashing and as well dressed as he was, there was a very edgy quality to him. It was that quality that she wanted to explore in order to see where it would take her.

"Let's go park somewhere?" She whispered in his ear.

Manford smiled and whispered back, "I have a better idea, let's go to my bungalow at the Halekulani."

Smirking at him now Patricia Chun shook her head in feigned disappointment, " Orientals like us don't own bungalows at a place like the Halekulani. We work there, but we don't own anything."

"Are you sure about that?" Manford smirked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, I'm sure," she gave him a maternal look like a mother scolding her child. "Why? Do you know something I don't?"

"If I'm right, you spend the night with me,"  he gazed into her eyes, patiently waiting for her response. "Okay?"

"And if you're wrong?" She whispered slowly into his ear.

"If I'm wrong then we get thrown out on our ears, and we end up in deep shit," he shrugged his shoulders and crooked his head to one side.

Playfully slapping him on his shoulder she replied, "Don't use cuss words in front of a lady! Be respectful!"

An hour later Manford and Patricia were in a bungalow at the Halekulani making love until the morning. Manford was up early, gathering everything together and readying himself for the day. Patricia lay there, her eyes and heart still dreamy after a night of ecstasy and love. "What are we going to do after this? Am I just going to be your girlfriend or are you going to propose to me?"

"Well," Manford began while tying his shoes, "we first have to get out of here before the housecleaners show up."

"What do you mean?" Patricia wouldn't be able to quickly comprehend what Manford was saying until they were literally running from the grounds of the hotel property and back to his car.

"I lied, I don't own this bungalow. I work here and I stole the room key from the front desk, that's how I was able to get in," Manford tossed Patricia's dress and her particulars at her, urging her to get dressed. "We gotta go!"

Patricia refused to move, instead, she sat there naked on the bed glaring at him. "So this was all some kind of chicanery in order to get me here and bed me?"

"No," Manford smiled. " I really like you and I was just improvising as I went along. There was never a plan, but when you suggested that we go park somewhere, I thought that watching the submarine races was boring. Everybody does that, I just wanted to do something special for our first time."

With tears in her eyes and both hands placed on her heart, Patricia extended her arms out to Manford for a hug. "I'm sorry love, we don't have time to melt into the sheets right now, we really gotta go!"


The loud ringing Patricia heard wasn't the alarm clock that would often wake herself and Manford from their slumber during those long passed romantic mornings. It was the school bell signaling the end of her second period English class. Her students filed past her giving her a wide arc as if they were avoiding her, she got lost again. It was happening a lot more than usual and it was beginning to have an effect on her ability to manage her class. She was going to be forced to retire if she didn't get herself together. Stumbling to her desk she took a seat and let out a deep sigh.......opening the file drawer to her right, she thumbed through her papers and pulled out an old vinyl record album. She ran her hand over the cover as if she were looking at an old family photo album, the nostalgia of it was overwhelming and she broke down in tears. Near her desk was a bookshelf where a record player sat, it was mainly used to play recordings to help people with diction and enunciation. But this album was her favorite and she kept it close, it helped her relax after a long day of classes. Placing the vinyl on the holder, she turned the record player on and the vinyl dropped to the turntable where it was met by the needle. Three strums of a Les Paul guitar played and the piano followed, then came the lyrics.

"My love must be a kind of blind love
I can't see anyone but you. Are the stars
out tonight?

I don't know if it's cloudy or bright,
I only have eyes for you....."

She sunk back into her chair and relaxed her shoulders, closing her eyes now she let the tears fall freely without wiping them away. If senility was setting in then this is the way she wanted to go. Would it have been worth being outcast and disgraced in order to be with Manford? She would never know because that was not the path she chose, all she could do was swallow her regrets and wait for the day when she would see him again.

"You are here, so am I
maybe millions of people
go by, but they all disappear
from view....and I only have eyes
for you....."

Patricia was jolted out of her reverie when she felt a hand take hers, she was startled and she nearly fell out of her chair. Her first thought was that Principal Correira found her asleep again and was going to reprimand her, but it wasn't the principal. It was Manford.

"We've only got a minute love, let's make the most of it before the housekeepers show up," Manford winked at her. "Whatta ya say?"

They were back in the bungalow and Patricia was wearing her dress from the Chinese blossom ball. It only took a slight effort for her to reach around and undo a couple of clips and the dress fell to the floor. "Manford, I'm not sure if we should do this, one of my students could walk in at any second."

"That's why I said we have to be quick," Manford lay her back on the soft sheets of the full-sized bed and even before she could protest any further he was already inside her. She let out a gasp, the pleasure was too much, it was too unexpected. She dug her fingernails into his shoulders and let out one more sharp gasp before Manford began to move faster, she wasn't prepared for it. "Manford wait go slower, slower.....I...slower....slower...."

"Just listen to the music and be quiet," Manford grunted. "Are you trying to get us thrown out?'

"No," she protested. "I'm not a young girl anymore Manford..........I....."

Ignoring her pleas, Manford moved his hips faster and faster until it became one blind manic motion. Patricia couldn't fight back, she didn't have the strength, her heart was giving out. She could feel the numbing pain through the entire left side of her body, the pleasure was literally killing her. It was building up from deep inside her somewhere and it was ready to explode. Manford continued unabated until the pleasure racked Patricia's body and tensed up every single muscle in her body. She finally let out one last moan of uncontrollable ecstasy and died in Manford Shiraiki's arms. A short time later her fourth-period students would walk into her class only to find her dead naked body sprawled out on top of her desk.



George Luke didn't have any of the second, fourth, or sixth-period classes today. It was a regular teachers work day where he could organize his lesson plans for the following morning. A headache struck without warning and this time it brought him to his knees and he blacked out. When he later regained consciousness, he found his pants unzipped, and he smelled of a familiar perfume, like that of an old woman. "What is happening to me? Please god, what is going on?" be continued

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