Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Aug 9, 2018

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2018 #83


We found our mini-bully in the middle of our front yard laying flat on her tummy with all four legs splayed out.
She usually slept that way on the living room floor because it was cool, except now she was out in the yard with her head completely twisted around facing us. Who could have done such a thing to an innocent animal? We never found out, but we never had time to recover from the trauma of her death either. Two days later, our cat Miller was found with his head completely twisted around as well. That was too much of a coincidence and I wasn't ready to wait for a third time until something similar happened to one of the rabbits so I placed video surveillance cameras along every outside perimeter of my property. After a month of reviewing footage of mosquitos and stray cats slinking through our yard, I thought I hit pay dirt when I saw an intruder on one of the videos. It turned out to be Colin, my sixteen-year-old son relieving himself in the backyard because our oldest son Corbin was still in the bathroom throwing up after a night of drinking and who knows what else? The following morning I was still half awake sitting at the kitchen table looking through more footage when all of a sudden I saw it. I had to look twice but once I was sure about what I was seeing, the cobwebs went away real quick.

It was little Hawaiian people about three feet tall but perfectly formed, I couldn't count how many there were because an endless number of them seemed to be filtering through our backyard. On the video, you can see them turn to their left when a flash of light falls upon them. From off camera you see someone run in, it's a woman and she starts kicking and punching at them, she sends them flying. However, there's too many of them and they set upon her and hold her down on the lawn while one sits on her chest. The little Hawaiian man snaps this person's head so quickly that you can see in her eyes that she doesn't fully know she's dead until you finally see the life go dim. It's a blank stare now, her soul, her life force or whatever you want to call it is gone. It's my wife, Patty.

I was warned about buying a home in this area because the locals kept droning on about the entire neighborhood being built over a place where Menehune still dwell. They even formed a big protest with signs at the first community meetings. I told them that it was nothing but backward Hawaiian superstitions and that it was time to live in the new century, not in the past. I didn't make any friends that day but I ended up owning one of if not the best unit on the block. A great investment except that it cost me the life of my wife and our favorite pets. I know what the Hawaiians are going to say once they find out, "See?" they're going to say. "That's what happens when you no listen."

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