Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 13, 2019

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2019 #20



They couldn't wait, they were overcome by the moment, and it was still another 45-minute drive home. The couple took the North King street exit and took the first right turn that made sense; it happened to be Gulick.
By a stroke of luck, they found an abandoned house near the basketball court. Quickly parking in the broken down driveway, they exited the vehicle and soon entered the structure through the front door, which was literally hanging by the hinges. They wasted no time; he unbuckled his pants while she hiked up her dress and removed her particulars. She was mindful to keep her panties in her hand so that it wouldn't get dirt on it from the pile of dust on the floor. He was inside her before she knew it, and she let out a surprised gasp. Simultaneously, he grunted because once he entered her, the pleasure he felt made his head dizzy. His knees buckled, and he nearly fainted. They were caught up in the throes of passion, and neither the musty odor or the smell of rotting wood deterred them from their impromptu lovemaking, That is until they saw the Japanese woman dressed in a kimono, staring at them. She stood beside the entryway to what looked to be the remnants of a bathroom. She was transparent yet, the embossed bamboo designs on her kimono were very distinct even though she was a ghost.

"Mitaidesu," the ghost of the Japanese woman smiled through black rotted teeth.

The couple screamed bloody murder and went running half-naked out of the abandoned house. Although the two had no idea what the ghost of the Japanese woman said to them, the fact that they could see right through her, and that she spoke without moving her mouth, was more than enough cause to make them flee for their lives. If they knew what the woman's ghost had said to them, it might have actually moved them to seek psychiatric help.

"I want to watch," she told them.

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