Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 23, 2019

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2019 #10


The woman appeared every night outside my bedroom window. Only I could see her, but that was no one elseʻs fault.
I'd been riding my brand new BMX dirt bike in the back of a place called, ʻCrestviewʻ which until this day, sits on the outskirts of Waipahu. The chain was freshly oiled, and the tires were newly aired up. I fired the BMX down straight down Stoker Hill without a second thought. In case you donʻt know, stoker hill in itʻs lengthy history has taken many a skateboarder and many a bicycle rider in itʻs blacktop embrace and spit them back out with fractures, contusions, bruises, and crushed egos. Today, the hill must sense my mission because he is merciful on me and does not trip me up with things such as a crushed aluminum can on its pavement. Or dogs running out of nowhere, trying to nip at my ankles. No cars backing out of a driveway or errant children bursting off the sidewalk on their Big Wheels. Itʻs all clear. I'll have to owe the hill one, later on.


At the bottom of the hill is a cul de sac, which leads to an unpaved dirt road that borders a canal with a steep twenty-foot drop onto a concrete base. I'm riding at a mad pace when a homeless woman steps out of the tall grass and right into my path. It's already too late to swerve out of the way. I collide with the woman head-on, and I knock her backward. She falls twenty feet to this base of the canal, where I hear a sickening thud. No one is around, and I don't even think twice about stopping to help her. Instead, I ride back to the main path that comes out to Waipahu depot road. I ride furiously until I'm back home on the corner of Pupukahi and Depot. I don't say anything about what's happened, I just go on like its a regular day.


In my ninth grade mind, I have dreams of riding my BMX behind Stoker Hill, where the homeless woman appears out of nowhere and stops my bike by grabbing on to the handlebars with her almost bone-like hands. "You kill me, you gotta fuck me, that's the deal."

She grabs me by the shirt and throws me off the bike. I hit the red dirt hard. The moment I stand up, she kicks me just above the sternum and sends me reeling backward. I stumble and lose my balance, and I fall twenty feet to the base below. You know how they say that when you dream about falling to your death, you'll wake up before you hit bottom? I didn't wake up. I felt every inch of pain the second my body made contact. I blacked out after. When I came around, she had my pants down, she had her bone like hands around it, and she was squeezing it. Oh my god, I was right there, I was going to lose it, I felt it coming, and there was nothing I could do.

"Oh no, you don't!" Her scratchy voice giggled. "Not without me; you killed me. We're in this together."

That's when I could fully see her, blood matted in her hair, her hips grotesquely separated from her torso. She crawled on top of me and pressed her full weight on me so I couldn't move. "Where is it now?" She giggled while feeling around between her legs to find me. "Ah, there it is!"

I feel her bone like hand positioning me so that she can put it inside her. That's when I wake up, screaming bloody murder! Her ghost is standing outside my bedroom window with a knowing look on her face as if to tell me, "I can't get to you in your waking hours, but when you're asleep? You're all mine."

Sorry, there's no happy ending here. Just nightmares.

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