Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 28, 2019

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2019 #5




The empty parking lot at what used to be the K-Mart in Kapolei was the pick-up spot. That's where the big yellow school bus gathered up the fifty-five people who paid for their spooky bus ride to a haunted house in the area.
The catch was that the location of the haunted house was a secret. The advertisement was sent out exclusively on Tinder. The price for the experience? Nothing. It was free. By the time the big yellow bus returned from its first trip, the old K-Mart parking lot was filled to mob capacity. Everyone saw the faces of the passengers who departed the school bus; they were visibly horrified as if they'd seen something that destroyed their psyche. Rather than be sympathetic, the crowd roared with excitement over the possibility of what they were about to experience. The next fifty-five people boarded the bus, and every group returned even more horrified and mentally disturbed than the next. Within days of that experience, all the people who journeyed on the haunted bus ride returned to their homes, their schools, and their jobs, and murdered everyone they could get their hands on. It became an epidemic. Somehow, someone traced the psychotic outbreak back to one source, the haunted bus ride.

The following weekend, when another mob of people blotted out the old K-Mart Kapolei parking lot, the yellow school bus rolled up. Except for this time, the police were waiting. They boarded the bus and demanded that the driver take them to the secret location to the haunted house. Pleasantly, the driver obliged, and the bus drove off. Hours passed, and the mob grew more impatient by the minute. At 2am in the morning, the crowd finally gave up waiting and soon the parking lot emptied out, and everyone went home. The yellow school bus was never seen again, and no one ever knew what happened to the police officers, much less where the location of the haunted house might have been.

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