Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 30, 2019

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2019 #3



It was precisely where she said it would be, and I prayed the whole way over that she was wrong, but she wasnʻt. The body was buried in a hole dug six feet in depth and facing due east.
Digging the body up was labor-intensive because it was buried at the far western end of Keawa'ula beach, but we were finally able to pull it out. It was wrapped in two layers of gray tarp and rolled up in the middle of a cheap swath of carpet. The putrid aroma of death and its absence from the body was strange. The corpse itself was a pitiful sight, it was a boy no more than fourteen years old. His hair was matted across his forehead and his right cheek. Its appearance gave me a natural inclination to reach out and fix his hair, but something stopped me. I couldn't help but cry, this boy hadn't even reached the peak of his youth, and here he was, a mother's son, a father's issue, a brother to a sibling, a cousin. He died somehow, and the manner of his death is unknown to us, but at the moment of his passing, no one wept, and the world spun yet one more revolution without him. We wrapped him as best we could and placed him in the back of the SUV and drove back to Kapolei.


It was four in the morning when we arrived at Kaupe'a estates. The hour was perfect as the eyes of potential witnesses were closed in slumber; good neighbors all. We closed the garage door first before removing the body from the back of the SUV. I sent one of the men to go upstairs and get her while we lay the body on the garage floor and spread out the wrappings. We could hear her walking downstairs in a huff. The door from inside the house opened into the garage, and there she was, she was not happy.

"What the fuck is this?" She asked.

"We did what you said," I replied. "We found the body."

"Jack off, I said go IDENTIFY where the body is buried! I didn't say dig the fucking thing up and bring it to my house!" 

We put our heads down, we didn't know what to say. I was sure she had meant for us to exhume the body and return it here. "It's my fault," I said. "I'll take the blame for it."

"No," she said. "I'll do you one better. I'll let you watch what happens when you stick your head up your ass, and you fuck up royally." She took one step forward and backhanded me across my face. The impact made a sharp, ringing sound that permeated within the confines of the garage.

 "That's for you!" Her finger was in my face, and her teeth were bare. She reached behind a red paint can on a shelf next to the door and removed a handgun. She pointed it at the three men I hired and shot them with deadly accuracy. They got two bullets each, one for the left leg, and one for the right. They crumbled to the floor in a heap, writhing in pain. Pressing the gun under my eye, she said, "Now you watch, and if you make one move to help them, I'll blow your brains out."

The body of the dead boy stood in the middle of the garage, he lumbered toward the first man, Carl. Carl needed this job, he had a girlfriend and three kids with another one on the way. He was never going to see them again. The dead boy grabbed Carl by his leg and tore it from the hip socket. Even before Carl could scream in pain, the boy grabbed his crotch and tore away Carl's privates with his pants still on. Mercifully, before he could feel any real pain, the dead boy ripped Carl's heart out from his chest, and he died instantly.

The second man Tito was not so lucky. Try as he might to fight the boy off, he was mounted by the teenage corpse, and his face was eaten away in large chunks. When Tito used his hands to pull the boy away, they would only be chewed off, and the eating of his face would continue. Tito died from shock due to the massive loss of his own blood. The last man, Mika'ele, fought valiantly. He grabbed the dead boy by his arms and took an enormous bite out of it and then began to throw up the dead flesh. When the dead boy grabbed Mika'ele by his hair, Mika grabbed his assailant in a headlock. That's the most Mika'ele would be able to do to defend himself. She walked up to him and pressed the gun up against the back of his head and shot him. She then placed her open palm over the forehead of the dead boy, " Moe I ka make."

The dead boy fell to the floor like a lifeless marionette released from its strings. "Now you take him back and re-bury him somewhere else. If I have to see you again, after tonight, I'll kill you without even touching you."

"Yes, Miss Tabby," I replied.

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