Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 15, 2020

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2020 #16

 ...Continued from yesterdayʻs story

The Knights Of The Order convened on the hour of sidereal time, an aligned time when psychic energy worldwide is at its peak. The opening rituals set the tone for the hour. Simultaneously, the guardians of all doors took to their stations.

The Grand Knights were well past their prime, and performing their rituals became a rote; the spark needed to bring forth the magic was gone. Thus, the magic required to bring the temple alive was stagnant, as were the old men. "The matter of our honorary Knight, Ferdinand Braganza from Portugal, needs to be addressed before the Grand Knights," came the voice from the assembly. It was Ivan Hoemana, a legacy from Molokai. "The matter of the expulsion of Kawika ʻĪ needs to be addressed along with it."

"Denied," came the worn voice of the grand knight Pololu. "The matter of thievery was proven, and ʻĪ was cut from the ʻaha cord."

"In a letter," Ivan raised his voice, incensed with anger, "not in an assembled meeting at this temple as is required by our laws, and not given his right to stand before his brother knights to explain his actions!"

"If you are meet to join ʻĪ, the same fate can be arranged for you, Knight Hoemana," grand knight Pololuʻs demeanor shocked those gathered who were hoping for justice. His smile was twisted, and his eyes gleamed evil intent. 

"Honorary Knight Ferdinand Braganza left our temple a large donation after his passing," Ivan Hoemana began. "It was only then that we discovered his direct bloodline to Portuguese royalty. Before then, you grand knights could not be bothered by him, even when he provided dinner on particular evenings and personally addressed you with all affability and kindness."

"You are not deigned to speak to the grand knights in such a manner!" Grand knight Pololu leaned forward and spat the words from his mouth. 

"Suddenly Honorary Braganza became a close companion of the grand knights; you made plaques in his honor, you opened the palace and threw a grand paʻina in his name, all while robbing the temple of his donation!" Knight Ivan Hoemana would not relent. " ʻĪ discovered this while conducting an audit; in return, the grand knights framed him for stealing that which he was trying to protect!"

"Even if it were so, you havenʻt any proof!" Grand knight Pololu arrogantly challenged Ivan Hoemana, who removed his cell phone from his pocket and held it up for all to see. He pressed a button on the screen and then addressed the assembly. "The proof has just been sent."

The gathering of men removed their phones from their pockets and briefly gazed into the lit screens. Loud gasps could be heard throughout the temple, and soon, every man glared at the grand knights for an explanation. "Do not let anger move you, brother knights. For even as we all gaze upon the treachery wrought by the grand knights, I fear that something far worse is in motion, something that we may not be able to stop," Ivan Hoemana looked over everyone and let out a sigh of despair, "Kawika ʻĪ."



The real Fynn Greely was more like I expected, unlike the scruffy neʻer do well that I killed two days ago. He lived in a three-story mansion hidden in the hills overlooking Kalama Valley. He drove a Jaguar; his wife was a trophy wife, one heʻd trade-in as soon as her ass got saggy, and the wrinkles started to show around her lips and the corners of her eyes. His money would always buy him a new something the second it outlived its usefulness. Heʻs stuck in the eighties, wearing pastel colors and a designer sweater tied around his shoulders. The car heʻs walking towards, however, is an Acura NSX, one he probably purchased so that he could see and be seen in it by himself if he could help it.  I wasnʻt sure if I would kill him or not; that was up to him. Should I tell him that or let him figure it out himself? I came from around the side of his garage and quickly cut him off before he could get in his vehicle. I pointed the gun straight at his face, and he went for it. He was trying to attempt the essential gun takeaway move that anyone can look up on YouTube. I hit him on the bridge of his nose with the butt end of my Springfield 1911. I kicked him in the nuts to be safe; then, I choked him out. I had a better idea rather than killing him.



Ivan Hoemanaʻs oratory moved the entire assembly to storm the grand dais where they were soon to tear the grand knights' limb from limb. The sacred portal flew open and hit the walls with a raging noise that stopped the mob from their intent. Everyone turned to see a man standing at the door, blindfolded and gagged. Blood stained his pastel shirt. His hands were bound behind his back while Kawika ʻĪ pushed him from behind, directing him to the middle of the floor. "I demand my right to speak before my peers, as is the law of the knights of the order."

"Speak," one voice begged him that was soon joined by the others. "Speak! Speak! Speak! Speak! Speak! Speak! Speak! Speak! Speak!"

Knight Ivan Hoemana raised his hands to quiet the assembly, "Speak  Knight ʻĪ, it is your right." The body resumed their seats while Ivan stood to watch over the grand knights at the dais. "But first tell us why this man bound and gagged is brought before this temple?"

"Iʻll do you one better," Kawika replied. He slipped his finger under the knot of the blindfold and removed it. The entire temple saw the face of a stranger that theyʻd never seen before, except for one person. be continued 

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