Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 17, 2020

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2020 #14


"Tell them," Kawika growled into the ear of Fynn Greely. "Just like we discussed in the car, tell them everything."

"I created a fake account under Kawika's name to make it look like Braganza's money was being siphoned into it. I had the PIN; that's how I was able to withdraw the money," Fynn was nervous and still in a lot of pain, but he got the point across.

"The person who orchestrated this whole thing, is he in this room?" I asked him loudly so that everyone else could hear me.

Fynn's eyes adjusted to the light as he gaged his surroundings. "Him," he looked back at me and nodded his head to a figure that was moving behind the assembly, making it's way to the ante-room door. "That guy," Everyone turned in the direction to which Fynn directed his gaze. It was Knight Ivan Hoemana. As I said, corruption comes in the form of a friendly face.



The laying of the foundational pillar ceremony was an auspicious occasion passed down from time without beginning. A hole dug six feet in depth was accommodated by a corner pillar made of ʻīliahi as it is a wood extinct and rare in the Hawaiian archipelago—a symbol of how the past serves as a spiritual pillar of our household. Several black pigs are prepared in an imu, as are the foods made to accompany it. Garnishes from the mountains are served alongside itʻs equal from the sea. The drinking of ʻawa is passed from hand to hand. All assembled speak from the hearts, and trespasses and transgressions are forgiven so that that life can begin anew. The foundational pillar stands affirm, and the Kapu is lifted. The feast begins. Kawika ʻĪ, for all his efforts, is first restored to his legacy title as Knight Of The Order, then he is elevated to Grand Knight status. As for Knight Ivan Hoemana, his family received his stipend as a legacy. They will want for nothing for as long as his bloodline continues. Such is the law of the Knights Of The Order. 

Knight Ivan Hoemana was sentenced to laying the foundational pillar ceremony where he is buried alive in a fetal position between the ʻĪliahi pillar and the dirt where it rests. His sins against his brother Knight Kawika 'Ī and his honorary brother Knight Braganza was unforgivable, and so as he did in life, he would do in death, serve as a pillar of the temple. Thus, is the temple haunted by those Knights whose sins brought them back to the promise they made, to lay down their life for the temple.


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