Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Aug 17, 2021

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2021 #75


The evil spirits he'd been called to banish from a house in Kuli'ou'ou valley didn't wait for his arrival. They manifested at his front door.

Immersing his fist into the large cone-shaped bowl filled with rainwater from a lightning storm, he quickly withdrew his fist and shot his fingers open, firing all the water toward the dark shadowy human figure blocking the way out of his home. It sizzled and screeched in utter pain before it flew off toward the south. Two more dark shadows entered through the sliding glass door leading into the kitchen. He saw them just in time to spray the blessed water at them from his bowl. Their painful shrieks were deafening, and they filled every space in his domicile. They also flew off toward the south, in the direction of the house which they infested. In less than an hour, the kahuna stood at the driveway of the home heʻd been called to bless. The family all stood out in the garage. They had been waiting for him all this time. With no word, he walked past them and when straight to the front entrance of their home. Taking his cone-shaped wooden bowl out of his bag, he filled it with the sacred rainwater and the other needed elements. He held the bowl over his head and then poured the contents all over his head and the rest of his body. Once he was completely soaked, he let himself in and locked the door behind him. The inhuman noises emanating from within sent chills down the spines of the people who lived there. It was the sound of people, animals, and children but twisted in a way that it was more demonic. The house then began to vibrate the way an earthquake does before it fully unleashes its fury. Then it all stopped, and there was a deathly quiet. The front door opened, and the Kahuna emerged with something he held in his balled-up fist. The parents approached cautiously with their three adult children behind them. "It was the only way I could get her to let go of the baby," he placed three severed fingers into the fatherʻs hand. "Otherwise, she was going to kill it. They're both safe, the evil is gone, and the person who sent it should die in about a minute."

The kahuna walked back to his car, leaving the family to scream in fear and horror before they finally went back into the home to find their oldest daughter crying while holding her daughter with a heavily bandaged and bloodied right hand. Then, just as the kahuna predicted, the family's middle son dropped dead on the living room carpet. He employed satanic means to send shadow demons to possess his older sister. Why? Because the child was his, but he was not her brother by blood, heʻd been adopted. However, he couldnʻt stand by and pretend that nothing happened and that his sisterʻs boyfriend was the father even though she was going to tell him he was. He tried to make his sister see reason and help her understand that they should run away together, but she wouldnʻt hear it. Angered, frustrated, and desperate, he went to a used book store and found a grimoire of satanic rituals and curses. He conjured a spell of shadow demons and sent them to possess his supposed sister.

He pulled over at a gas station in ʻāina haina and got the biggest cup of soda he could find. Retreating to his car, he removed a bottle of rum from his glove compartment and poured some of the contents into the cup of soda. He gulped down half of the large cup before his phone rang.

"Aloha," he deadpanned.

"Finally," the voice sighed. "Come to the office."

"Alright, Boy. Iʻm on the way," the Kahuna hung up knowing that this wasnʻt a request. When Boy called in anyway, shape, fashion, or form. You dropped everything, and you went. 

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