Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Aug 3, 2021

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2021 #89


The owners at the condo complex in lower Liliha complained to the maintenance manager about the smell coming from the unit on the third floor.

Something or someone had definitely died because the stench was overwhelming. The three-man unit from HPD showed up. Even with their rubber gloves and masks on, they began to wretch. The maintenance manager had a set of master keys and let the police in. They were all surprised to find that the horrid smell was gone and that in its place was the delicious smell of a newly cooked steak, garlic potatoes, and asparagus. In the living room, they saw a little girl sitting on the floor with a small fold-out table before her, eating the food which they earlier smelled. The television was on and there was an anime' series playing. Laying back on a recliner was an elderly Portuguese-looking woman, who by the looks of her, had been dead for some time. Other than the horrific sight of the corpse, the little condo was immaculate and not a mess at all. The little girl was too small to reach the oven or the kitchen counter to prepare her own meal. "Who made your dinner for you?" one of the officers asked.

"My gramma," she spoke through a mouth full of food. "Are you hungry too? You guys should eat, she made plates for you guys. It's over there on the stove." The girl pointed with her fork.

The officers looked over at the stove and saw three plates sitting there stacked with the same food that the girl was now eating. Their blood ran cold and they were covered with chicken skin. The corpse of the old woman in her recliner, bloated, gray, and putrid sat there with her mouth open wide. Her eyes were black and soulless and stared off into some random direction. For a second, the three police officers thought that they might have been seeing things because they swore they saw a glimmer in the old woman's eyes. They weren't seeing things at all, without the body moving, the eyes of the old woman alone moved in their direction, then blinked.