Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Aug 30, 2021

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2021 #62


 These people are gathered here because of the anticipated event.

They have no clue, or perhaps they don't care that should the event happen, it will kill them. So then, why am I here? I am here for solitude, to be alone in my thoughts. A cavalcade of tour buses, minibusses, and rental cars pull up the next thing I know. Hordes of people empty out and make a beeline to the edge. I don't say anything to any one of them. I'm doing what I've always been accused of doing, being stand-offish. By the chatter that I cannot help but overhear because people feel that they have to shout everything to one another, I find out that there is supposed to be a spectacular explosion that will light up the night sky for miles untold. Perhaps as far as Hanauma on 'O'ahu. Knowing this intrusive knowledge I did not ask for, I decide it's time to leave. It's not difficult to depart since all the traffic is coming in, thus leaving all exits wide open. I give them the show they've come for, one that will scare them once they see the magnitude of my power but not enough to kill them. The earth shakes and moves with such horrible vibration that no one person can stand aright. The screams and last confessions are what tickles me most because they all come in disbelief and in defiance of myself, my family, and my home. Now, while flames, rock, and plumes of dark smoke choke the dark heavens and turn them into a glowing canopy of orange, black and red, they are suddenly pious and remember the god to whom they pray but all for naught if I decide to destroy everything in one fell swoop. The poor drivers kneel and regret attending work today. Others call their loved ones solemnly swearing their devotion for all time. The smart ones, the ones who remain unrattled, are the ones who have chanted beneath their breath, apologizing, knowing full well that it is folly to come here. They confess that it was the only means to feed their families but that if their lives need be forfeit, then so be it. The rest are clamoring to return to the vehicles in which they arrived, pushing one another out of the way until they trample upon even their own parents to save themselves. One final thunderous strike to the earth, and everyone drops to the ground cowering and whimpering, thinking these are their final moments. Then, nothing but stillness and quiet. Suddenly, great screams rise up, and the mob carefully makes their way back to their vehicles and departs in a cloud of volcanic dust. The things a goddess must do for solitude and quiet.

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