Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Jun 23, 2022

Dance 2022

She was so caught up in her conversation while she and her business partner took a shortcut through the Kawaiahaʻo church graveyard that she did not notice she had been walking over more than a few graves.

Before exiting the Punchbowl gate, she tripped over her feet for no reason and nearly stumbled into oncoming traffic. She and her business partner waited until there was a red light at the intersection up ahead at South King and Punchbowl and then very briskly crossed the street. Her right foot hit the sidewalk's edge, and she tripped again, nearly falling on her face. Her car was parked at the meter fronting the old state ID building. As she and her business partner walked toward the vehicle, she rolled her ankle, nearly falling down again. The last incident came as she finally was about to enter her car from the driver's side, where she lifted her right leg to get in. Apparently, she had not raised her leg high enough, and it caught on the bottom of the seat, and she tumbled across the driver's chair and struck her head on the gear shift. 

"What the fuck??!!" She finally screamed.

"You better go back to the graveyard and apologize for stepping on all those graves," her business partner suggested.

"Is that what it was?" She asked, a bit confused.

"You tripped and fell four times within less than a few minutes," the business partner said. "You are not worried about what might happen if you drive off without going back there and apologizing?"

The woman went back to the graveyard and made apologies for being disrespectful. Her business partner returned with the woman and apologized for having such a stupid friend.


17A Productions Presents

Lopaka Kapanui at Hawaii Theatre

A LIVE and IN-PERSON storytelling concert at the historic Hawaii Theatre. This master storyteller is one of Hawaii's most popular teller of tales and has been in the business of scaring people for more than 20 years. Lopaka is terrifically skilled at provoking that sudden chill going down one's back or causing the small hairs on your arms to stand up. Chicken skin is what we call it in Hawai'i. Others might refer to it as chills or goosebumps. Sharing real accounts of Hawaii's supernatural culture, Lopaka often leaves audience members questioning the darkness on their drive home and anxiously leaving the light on at bedtime.


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