Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Jun 28, 2022

Sweat 2022

Love and hate is the way I'd describe my sophomore year in high school.

No longer a freshman and not yet a senior. Just the cheese beneath the lettuce before you become the bread. My body and my emotions were a complete wreck. Acne, voice changing, and no growth spurt until after high school. I was a perfect candidate for poltergeist possession, but it didn't exactly happen that way. Whatever took hold of me gave me the chilling aches in my joints, and I couldn't eat anything. My father didn't care, so I had to stick it out. I discovered that the best way to endure the chilling cold I suffered was to sit out under the sun until it warmed me up and I could walk around without getting dizzy. In hindsight, I realized that my two older sisters put a curse of possession on me, but it did not or could not possess me to its total capacity for some reason. The reason was jealousy and the worry that if my mother died before her time, I would be the one to inherit the money my mother got as the result of a lawsuit against a drunk driver that nearly killed her. My mother prevented the curse from taking me; she used her body and soul to protect me. She knew something was wrong, but she couldn't put her finger on it, so she offered herself to the evil so I could be spared. That explained why my mother died of a stroke when she was perfectly healthy. But I digress, in that present moment as I remember it, I am sitting on the porch of the old portable classroom under the hot sun, sweating out the flu-like symptoms from the pores of my skin, never knowing that I was possessed.


17A Productions Presents

Lopaka Kapanui at Hawaii Theatre

A LIVE and IN-PERSON storytelling concert at the historic Hawaii Theatre. This master storyteller is one of Hawaii's most popular teller of tales and has been in the business of scaring people for more than 20 years. Lopaka is terrifically skilled at provoking that sudden chill going down one's back or causing the small hairs on your arms to stand up. Chicken skin is what we call it in Hawai'i. Others might refer to it as chills or goosebumps. Sharing real accounts of Hawaii's supernatural culture, Lopaka often leaves audience members questioning the darkness on their drive home and anxiously leaving the light on at bedtime.


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