Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Jul 24, 2022

Bloodlust 2 2022

 Kai was the name of the initiate.

Although young and physically capable of doing what was assigned to him, Kai was chosen as a novitiate because of his natural facial features. It's what made him blend in; it's what made him plain and unremarkable. A face you couldn't remember off the top of your head because of how ordinary it was. In life, this is what made life miserable for Kai growing up. Who would ever have thought that being so plain of face would be his most valuable asset to a secret society? His first mission was to infiltrate the Judd Society. It seemed like an innocuous group with no real agenda except to meet in the depths of the Judd trail late at night to sit and talk among one another while illuminated by lanterns and fulfilled with various kinds of bento and drinks. The only requirement for membership was proof that you were descended from the Judd bloodline. Proving your lineage was one hurdle; the other was the hurdle of a $3,000 initiation fee. After that, it was $3,000 a year. 

"They're rich elitist snobs who charge a ridiculous membership fee to gather at a hiking trail to have a late night picnic," Kai told the elder council.

"This we know," the elder council replied. "It's not the membership fee that matters; it is who the members of the society are that matters."

"And they are?" Kai needed more information.

"A thin strain of the Judd bloodline, not full-blooded ones, you see? The real Judds would never dream of forming such a ridiculous group. Indeed, they could think of more to do with $3,000 than meet in the dark woods. Infiltrate them; we have provided paperwork that will prove you more of a Judd than anyone of them. Pick them apart slowly one by one until none are left, then report back for your next assignment," Kai bowed before them as the elder council stood and departed the darkened room. The following day, Kai found the Judd Society website and applied for its membership. He received an e-mail almost immediately after attaching a document proving the heritage that the elder council fabricated for him. In that e-mail, the initiation fee was discussed, to which Kai replied and said he could pay immediately. "Will you accept online payment?" 

A second later, Kai's phone blipped, and there was a reply by text. "Yes, we can accept online payment."

After filling out the online form and providing his credit card information, Kai clicked the button, and the payment was made. Another blip on his phone, and the next text said, "Meet at 4 pm at the head of Judd Trail. Take an Uber or Lyft, do not drive." be continued

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