Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Jul 15, 2022

Cry 2022

Terror struck the late evening visitors at Kāneʻīlio point at Kūʻīlioloa heiau.

The shrill screams of infant children permeated the night air, sending the group scattering in different directions, fumbling over one another and nearly falling to the rocks below where the churning ocean would mercilessly pound them up against the sharp lava. Luckily, they were nimble of feet and escaped disaster at the last second. Running out to the parking lot, they piled into the waiting van and screamed at the driver to make haste and hurry them to the comfort of their hotel rooms in Koʻolina. There was chatter and nervous discussion regarding their experience. This was not an urban legend; it was true! The spirits of murdered infants haunt the old Hawaiian temple and make themselves known by their horrific death screams. The group did not need any more convincing. The driver raised his hand suddenly and said, "If I may? I think I have a bit of information that may make all of you feel better?"

"Sure," they all replied. 

"I am not sure of the species of birds, but I do know they nest in the evening at that heiau; when people get too close, they make this cry that sounds like children screaming, but really it's just those birds," the driver shared.

Everyone was in disbelief, but the driver found a link on YouTube; he played it on the microphone for everyone in the van to hear. It was the exact same sound they heard at the heiau. Now they felt better and laughed nervously together at their foolish behavior. Later, they gathered in front of their hotel elevator, waiting to go to the floor where the comfort of their rooms awaited them. There was silence in the cart until the door opened and let them out on the 27th floor. Upon exiting and walking to their respective rooms, from within the elevator came a wailing cry of an infant child in dire need of attention. The screams of the visitors to the heiau were almost as loud and filled with terror as the disembodied screams of a lone child. Almost, but not quite.

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