Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Jul 29, 2022

Insert 2022

Surreptitious movement is advantageous if you're the only person clearing a room and you've been cut off from your insert team.

Slow, methodical forward motion is what you need, rather than kicking the door down and announcing to everyone that you've arrived. Chief Petty Officer Kaimana and his lieutenant commander Bryson came under suppressive fire from a small detail of unknown hostiles when they entered the mini-store off Pi'ikoi street. Whoever they were, they had Bryson pinned down, and he couldn't move. Initially, the police were called in because it appeared to be a hostage situation. With refusals from the perpetrators to negotiate, SWAT had no choice but to go in and put down the hostiles. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a trap. Whoever was in the mini-store had been waiting for them and cut them down the second they entered from the rear exit. There were no survivors. That's when the authorities figured out that they were not dealing with your average everyday robbers and that they were dealing with a group of highly trained people. Someone called, and Bryson and his insert team were sent in. 

Initially, the insert team breached a side exit and made their way through the warehouse, which eventually connected to the mini-store. If any engagement was going to happen, it would have to be here. CPO Kaimana was the lead man with LTC Bryson right behind him. Corners were sliced and cleared as the team made their way into the second half of the mini-store. Kaimana pulled the door back, and Bryson cleared that corner and went in left while Bryson went in right. The thick door slammed shut behind them, and they heard a locking mechanism engage. Then they heard gunfire from the other room. They had no time to react. Simultaneously, suppressive gunfire erupted on their side, and Bryson scrambled for cover behind the standing liquor cooler where he remained, unable to return fire. Kaimana ran and dove over to the deli counter, where he immediately took his uniform off and stripped down to nothing. In seconds, the unknown hostiles were in the main body of the mini-store. Kaimana knew he couldn't let them get to Bryson. The antagonists comprised a team of six dressed in black BDUs armed to the teeth wearing black pullover ski masks, their eyes covered with black camo. The lieutenant commander readied himself for the worst, but it never came. Instead, a massive dark shadow loomed over the six men. The last thing they saw as they each turned to see what was behind them was half human, half shark. Torsos were torn in two, limbs were torn from limbs, and heads were ripped away from bodies with the spines still attached. Kaimana and Bryson were the only two of the insert team who survived; the remaining four were cut down in the warehouse. No question regarding the grotesque mess of human entrails was ever brought to light. Kaimana and Bryson were extensively debriefed before they could return to their lives as it was. No one ever found out who the hostiles might have been and their purpose.

"Next time," Bryson offered. "We find out who the fuck they are first, and then you eat them. Can you do that?"

"Couldn't be helped, Lieutenant commander; they were going to kill you. But, unfortunately, I had no choice," Kaimana apologized.

"Yeah," Bryson nodded, knowing that they now had enemies who knew who they were and that sooner than later, they were going to try again.

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